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    IMO the meat and potatos of triceps are pressing, pressing, and more pressing. Bench heavy, close grip work, close grip incline is ridiculous on the triceps, strict standing overhead pressing is hard on the triceps, etc. Now about extension work... including pushdowns, skull crushers, etc. I like extension movements, but IMO keep them light and keep the reps higher. Extension movements are rough on the elbows. I consider them to be much better for high volume movements, and it's with these movements that I'll employ supersets, etc. Besides, things start to hurt when you skull crush 225. If your elbows don't hurt now when you skull crush heavy they will when you get older/bigger/stronger.

    The other thing to realize is that since you're 167lbs, you're going to have to gain some weight to really make the triceps come out. I'm sure you know that, but sometimes the easiest thing to do is right in front of us.
    Well presses do build big tri's for sure. But when one concentrates on isolating the chest and using as little tri's as possible some direct tricep work is in order, especially if they are not growing enough from the normal chest routine.

    As for the weight thing, that is true for MOST people, but according to bone structure, height, bf % and a host of other factors it can differ. I am 5'6 1/2 or so and weigh in at a whopping 157lbs in my avatar pic. So while weight can be a judge of progress, it is not the only one. Remember franco columbu at his best in early to mid seventies was 185lbs contest weight at 5'6". Still I see what you are saying if you are at a certain weight and are lacking mass, obviously you will have to gain weight to get bigger.

  2. has anyone mentioned the great mass builder

    "Weighted bench dips" i prefer them to regular dips you can get to use real heavy weights

  3. I second weighted bench dips since my shoulders rarely like doing regular dips. keep elbows tight to your sides and go down till elbows are 90 degrees at least, a little more if you can stretch without hurting something. Load up some plates and go to failure, have a partner strip some weight and go to failure, then remove all weight and finish them off.



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