Good Protein Powders for Bulking?

  1. Good Protein Powders for Bulking?

    What I'm hoping to do is a lean bulk, but I'll make some little sacrifices if needed. These are the following protein powders that I'm thinking about picking up for my upcoming cycle of Sustanon 250, S-Drol and Epi. I've heard homemade gainers are 'where it's at,' but I know I sometimes won't have time to make a homemade one.

    Universal Real Gains
    ON NitroCore 24
    ON Pro Complex
    ATW WPI Cup Cake Batter
    ATW Max Milk (supposed to be a copy of Muscle Milk, just healthier and more effective)
    BSN Lean Dessert
    CytoSport Muscle Milk Collegiate

    Feel free to give your feedback and any suggestions.

    Thanks ahead of time, ladies and gents.

  2. Take a look at Optimum Nutrition's Oats & Whey. It uses only natural flavors and sweeteners and it digests well (at least for me). Nutraplanet has it for $21.99 (3 lbs).

  3. dymatize elite 12. holy fukk its good tasting

  4. What about ATW WPC Peanutbutter Cup + 1-2 Tbsp Natural PB + Milk if you want. Grind a ton of oats beforehand, and then you can just scoop them in as needed as well.

    As for your listed ones, UN Real Gains Strawberry tastes very good and I had no issues mixing it; The Pro Complex is a bit pricey but good, NitroCore tastes decent I hear and is a bit cheaper.

  5. Muscle Milk is my favorite post workout, and for a general shake. My favorite pre bed shake is Probolic-SR 12 hour protein.



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