skinny legs?

  1. skinny legs?

    I'm pretty new to this forum, but time and time again i see the phrase "skinny legs" come up (always negatively) and i am having a problem visualizing this...

    a few things i am confused about - is this referring to the upper leg, the lower leg, or the leg as a whole?

    what qualifies as SLs (skinny legs) ? is there some kind of way i can measure proportions of my leg to see if i am afflicted by this? is this just a relativistic term with respect to the size of one's upper body?

    all i can think of as a frame of reference is someone like a tennis player. take this as an example. icsson_Open_2008%20Men_QF_0104 2008_2374.jpg

    sorry, i do not have the post count to post a link so i took off the web header here

    does this subject have skinny legs? if not, if he had the upper body of arnold, would he then have skinny legs?

    anyways, please take this with a little jest, but i am curious about this as it seems this topic is subject to varying degrees of perception.

  2. What's skinny to someone else might not be skinny to me, and vise versa. So you can't just slap a standard on skinny legs. But I would go as far as to say, if you think you might have skinny legs, then you probably have skinny legs. But don't look for a standard on what's what. If you're okay with your leg size, good for you. If you want bigger legs, go for it. If you're happy with your leg development and someone's pounding you about it, **** them! lol

    The remedy for skinny legs include heavy squats, heavy leg presses, hack squats, front squats, lunges, and leg curls. There are other good exercises, but these are usually at the top of most people's lists. Calve training is also important because if you neglect to train your calves, like I once did, you find that your thighs can develop out of proportion to your lower legs.

    So the key to great success with your legs is heavy, consistent, quality training. Maintaining an appropriate diet for your goals should be a no-brainer. Also, don't neglect to train the endurance aspect of your leg muscles. The legs are capable of great strength and great endurance: no other muscles can do the same. Take advantage of that! If you train your legs with heavy weight and also train for increased leg endurance, you will see results.

    Great success!

  3. its all about squats and low reps, heavy weight on squats. no matter what else you know, how much u do, u will not see results like u will on squats

  4. I've got a buddy with skinny little legs, especially when his upper body is fairly solid. He's like 5'3", and I am pretty sure has a touch of dwarfism from his build, head, and family pics on fb. Anyway, he thinks his legs are thick for some reason, but he looks like a keg on a couple of broomsticks. I've tried talking to him about it, but he won't listen. I don't know it all, but I do know that my legs have fastly become one of my better bodyparts overall this past year. He won't listen to anything workout-oriented really. He has a pre-med degree and knows everything. There are a few problems with him and most of the guys here. 1)they do way too much cardio. part of this is a military thing, but don't come talk to me about gaining size and strength if 50-75% of your weekly routine is long, endurance cardio. he told me he does his best cardio after legs. I told him that he wasn't doing a proper, intense leg day then. he looked at me like I was rediculous. 2)unless you have a 6 pack and look St. Piere, a PT cert, and score a perfect on your army pt test, then you don't know anything and your knowledge or opinions aren't worth jack. I don't consider myself perfect by any means, but I do know that if the concensus is that you have skinny legs, and there are obvious factors as to why, the dude you got some skinny-ass legs.

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