Advice needed, please.

  1. Advice needed, please.

    Hey everyone...

    Currently 6'3 at 160lbs, goal is 185lb at the end of the year.

    Problem i have- i just moved into student accommodation and they have a 'gym'. When they say gym they mean cross trainer, then a multi purpose weight machine which u can bench, incline bench, shoulder press, lat row, lat pulldown, and leg extensions on.

    Pretty average.

    My question is, should i spend the $$ on getting a gym membership? im a student and $$ arent coming easy. Or, should i buy some free weights, and use the machines provided, and save the $$

    Opinions welcome.


  2. Well it sounds like your not an extremly advanced lifter (as most of us arent).

    That being said I am a huge advocate of compound movements for 90% of trainees.

    Lifts such as free weight bench, should press, leg press, squats, deadlifts, rows, pull ups, and so on are keys to optimal results in my opinion.

    That being saying, something is better than nothing so make due with what you can.

    However if you can make it work it may be worth it to invest in a gym membership.

    Also you can always opt to lock in for a longer term to lower the rate of the membership.

    Hope that helps.

  3. try using the gym you have access to, since your trying to save money, just be creative with what you have if you have DB's there get creative with em and just make due with what you have and save up some money then if you feel that what you have is cutting it for you then get yourself a membership

  4. yeah thanks guys, i think ill stick with the gym here until ive run out of creativity. Did a session yesterday- bench, incline bench, cable bicep curls, dumbell curls, and pushups...i feel very sore so obviously ill be able to get some hypertrophy out of the gym for now.

    My second question is that, as i have so little dollars, im finding it hard to buy enough food to bulk.
    Do you guys think maybe a recomp would be a good idea? Cheaper? My body fat is around 12-13% i think. Ive lifted previously but never for a long time running, so i think i could still make some gains while recomping, despite my ectormorphic body type. What do you think?


  5. btw, i have $50 a week to spend on food, give or take a little. Thats what im working with.




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