Bulking on a budget

  1. Bulking on a budget

    Because of the current state our economy is in they cut hours at my job. It was part time as is because im a college student but it doesnt leave me with very much extra money after bills. I started lifting seriously in january and gained 8 lbs by just eating like crazy and taking protein. Now its time i add in what else i really need. I want to be noticeably bigger by the time summer comes around after all this hard work. I plan on getting the essentials first like fish oil and zma. I wanted to throw in a decent supplement. Anything I should look into. I've seriously only got an extra 50-75 a month to throw around so any help is appreciated.Thanks.

  2. IMO ZMA is a proven supplement, but if you're on a tight budget, you may want to drop it as you won't see great $:gain ratio.

    Definitely add in a multi vitamin. Something like Universal's Animal Pak is a luxury multi, but you should be okay with a cheap multi like Centrum or GNC multi...nothing too flashy with a multi.

    I would say stick with the fish oil as omega's are a big part of any diet. Another supp you should add is creatine...buy bulk creatine monohydrate and just add a spoon full in each protein shake.

    With protein, creatine, multi, and omega's, thats all you really need. You will see the biggest gains from these 4 supps aside from any hormonal products.

  3. thanks bro ill look into that
  4. UKStrength
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    I second the creatine monohydrate (make sure it's Creapure brand or the equivalent). It's cheap, effective (if you're a responder) with immediate strength gains.

    Just try to keep the food at the forefront of your budget, I feel your pain mate, I'm a poor student too!

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