is this a good bulking diet

  1. is this a good bulking diet

    hi i am starting a clean bulk i have the main structure just any little tweaks would be very greatful i tend to clean bulk so i can minimise fat gains thnaks alot



    6:30 protein shake with creatine
    7:00 50g porrige oats with water and a variety of seeds
    10:00 cottage cheese and penut butter wholemeal sandwich or 500g of 0% ***e greek yogurt
    1:00 100g chicken and mixed salad pitta and small orange
    3:00 protein shake or small handfull of mixed nuts and almonds
    5:00 some lean meat chicken/beef/turkey with vegetables
    8:30-9:00 250g of quark mixed with blueberries

    plenty of water and a green tea in the morning

    any help would be deeply appreciated thanks alot.

    total 2100kcals

  2. LOL @ landfill.

    I'd say that looks pretty good, but eat some more cottage cheese right before going to bed too! (And what's a quark?)

  3. Quote Originally Posted by majinbijiita View Post
    LOL @ landfill.

    I'd say that looks pretty good, but eat some more cottage cheese right before going to bed too! (And what's a quark?)
    im from england it is aa slow releasing protein just the same as cottage cheese but i prefer it alot more.

    how would you get the matainece number of calories i need thanks for help.

  4. Quote Originally Posted by landfill View Post
    Maintainance kcals:What your body needs to maintaine current weight.Best way to find out maintainance level is to make a note of every thing you eat and drink,[on your normal diet,not bulk/cut]for 5-6 days,[weighing/measuring everything]calculate the calorie totals and take an average from that.Its also the most tedious way.At a guess i'd say 2100 is maintainance for you.Add 35g of protein to 10.00am shake and 40-50g of complex carb to 1.00,3.00 and 5.00 meals.That should get you gaining,without adding fat. Good luck.
    hi mate weel the last few days i have been eating shed loads probs about 4000 cals just to see what happens and so far i havent gained any bf just feel really full a ****ting enough out lol going to stick with this as i have a manual job as a bricklayer and play football 2 days a week plus 3 full bodys up the gym so i feel i can burn all this food off what would you reccomend. cheers for the help

  5. Quote Originally Posted by landfill View Post
    Please,Hallett08,use the punctuation i gave you,plenty more where that came from.If you're a bricklayer then i would say maintainance for you is around 2700cals,if you play football 2x week,that would take it closer to 3000cals.So in order to bulk up you should be taking in about 3500 cals a day.The best way to increase your cals is by adding complex carbs,so your diet would be something like,220g protein,100g healthy fats,400-500g of carbs.
    If you seriously want to add mass then stopping the football,or at least reducing it to 1x a week will improve your gains.
    OK il try, im **** at it lol. ye i can,t really drop the football twice a week because i have a match and training i will just incoparte more food in around those times. i will try eating 3500 cals a day and see how i go from there. i really want it to be as clean as possible with thinngs such as oats,natural yogurt, wholemeal bread,pasta,rice and all other carb sources being complex ones. thanks for the help.

  6. Add more calories, I undertstand, you're 140lbs but you should add more calories if you want to add on some serious mass throughout your bulk.

    I would say go with 2800 calories.

  7. 2100 cals/day ---> not even close to enough

  8. Quote Originally Posted by gymbo123 View Post
    2100 cals/day ---> not even close to enough
    I'd have to agree I don't believe especially fora 17 year old that 2100 calories would be enough to bulk. Depending on how long and hard you workout I think it's safe to add 300-500 without much worries. but then you have to go out and figure out how your body reacts to everything anyways.


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