Protien Shake

  1. Protien Shake

    Anyone got a good idea for a protein shake? I've been mixing 1 scoop with 12 tsp of half and half with a couple of strawberries and a little bit of banana. I was wondering if their is anything else I can add to increase the calories that would make it better for me?


  2. check out the recipe section tons of different kinds

  3. You might want to do 2 scoops, 1-2 bananas, a high glycemic carb source, in skim milk. Strawberries optional. I try to cut out any fat from a PWO shake, so go with skim milk not half and half. Unless this is a weight gaining shake and not for PWO in which case half/half is fine. Also if it's weight gainer I'd add some natural peanut butter and some oats. DELICOUS.

    But you definitely need a carb source besides the banana. The banana is going to re-fill your liver glycogen stores, but you need some type of sugar for your muscle glycogen stores to be replenished (I think?) You can do malt/dex, but I just use sonoran desert honey, cause its delicious and I like the flavor better than regular sugar tasting stuff...but it might be more expensive. Never tried malt/dex in a shake.

  4. 12 onces of water or skim milk, dry oats, and 2 table spoons of natty pb. Mix them all in a blender.

    Then eat more!!!

  5. in a short sentence...
    2 scoops of protein + 4 scoops (icscream scoops) of low fat Ice Cream + some milk.

    that should be about 53g protein, 90g carbs, 12g fat but depends on the foods.

  6. I chug my shakes...I suggest you do the same. 2 scoops of whey with 2% milk for every shake except casein at night...only 1 scoop or that **** will turn to solid...hate dealing with casein. Anyway, I usually snack on a few strawberries or a banana while I'm shakin it up in the shaker cup, so I get the fruit cals and sugars regardless. I like shakes cuz they're quick protein. Call me old school but its hard enough to choke down the food throughout the day, why make the shakes any more difficult than they already are? I guess not everyone has to forcefeed themselves at nearly every meal...ugh its a rough lifestyle sorry for getting off topic i'm convinced I'm ADD like half the MLB...I need amphetamines.


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