Bulking diet critique?

  1. Bulking diet critique?

    Hey guys, I've been attempting to bulk for the past month and a half and my gains have been little, I'm actually becoming skinnier(losing a little mid-section fat, but my arms are skinny) The main hinderance for me is my diet, I've tried to eat a lot of food, but it seems I overestimate what I eat. I think i've actually been in calorie deficit for the past month and a half. Also, since I'm a poor, unemployed, college graduate I didn't really have money for food.
    However, I'm moving back home and now have some funds to actually buy some food and stick to a schedule. This is what i've come up with so far. Any tips are appreciated! Btw, I'm 5'11, 160lbs. Skinny all over, with a little pudge around the midsection.
    Meal 1 9AM
    5 Large Whole Hard Boiled Eggs
    1 Cup dry Oatmeal
    .5 cups plain yogurt

    Meal 2 12AM
    4oz Chicken Breast
    1 cup brown rice
    1 cup broccoli

    PreworkoutMeal 3PM
    1 Can Tuna
    1.5 Cup Brown Rice

    Workout @ 4PM
    Usually takes an hour

    Postworkout 5PM
    1 Scoops ATW Whey
    1 cup skim milk
    70g Dextrose(Still on the fence regarding this vs oats)
    5g Creatine Mono

    Dinner 8PM
    4oz Chicken Breast
    2 cups spinach
    1 cup brown rice
    1 tbsp olive oil

    Prebed 11PM
    1 Cup Low Fat Cottage Cheese
    1 Cup Skim Milk
    2 tbsp natty pb
    Calories:3,079 Fat:83.7(22%) Carbs:384.7(45%) Protein:265.7(33%)

    I was also thinking of adding 2-3 uni liver tabs along with every meal since a friend gave me a free 500ct bottle, does that sound alright? I will also be supplementing with a basic multi(NOW ADAM), and a fish oil morning and night.
    Thanks again guys!

  2. Right off the bat i can tell you lessen the foods that aren't going to benefit you that much with caloriesm,carbs, and protein.(the spinach) Make your 4oz portions of chicken into i would say 6-10 oz since your trying to bulk up.
    You diet looks more like a maitnence diet almost, you need to up your calories to 3000 is not very much, protein looks good though

  3. Actually that looks like a pretty good diet. I would probably add in some more fruits like berries or something, and you might want more calories but idk about your maintenance level and metabolism. If you find you aren't gaining on that i would just up the carbs and fats a little more(maybe add more olive oil to a couple meals as thats a quick way to add some quality calories or some cuts of red meat)

    for the dextrose vs oats idea in the post workout shake maybe go with a little of both. I think 70grams of dextrose is a lot in my opinion(but idk how your body reacts to carbs that would just be too much sugar in my case). I would probably do a mix tho of the oats and dextrose.

    O and just relooking at your diet you may want to add a post workout meal after that shake closer than the 8pm meal.

    Overall though thats some quality foods you got going and you seem to have a pretty good idea!
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  4. thanks guys, really appreciate it. I'm gonna add the banana to breakfast for sure.

  5. also to add to all that of what bolt said, i would add a little bit more fiber to your diet, the more fiber you have the more you'll be going to the restroom and disposing waste which shall clear up more room for you to start adding more food. all in all it looks good.

  6. This is just my opinion, but i eat like that when im cutting, or recomping. When im bulking, i eat dirtier than that. Where is the red meat? I am of the mindset when your bulking, truely, you go in knowing that fat gain is inevitable, as long as muscle gain out weighs it at least 3 to 1. For instance, on my current bulk, i went from 189 to 222, about 10lbs of that fat gain, but spread out over 25 or so lbs muscle. just my opinion.


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