Weight gaining diet

  1. Weight gaining diet

    I've been working really hard to gain more weight. It seems no matter how hard I lift and how much I eat I can't put on anymore weight. It seems like i've hit a block. Any ideas for a weight gaining diet?

  2. Need More info on yourself(body type, hight, weight, etc) and "diet"(how much/what your eatting)

    But overall, most the info youll need is here, just gotta search for it.

  3. I eat 4-5 small meals a day. I'm a heavy lifter. I weigh 167 and 5'11". Medium body build. I try to eat lots of calories/carbs/protien. Start day off with 3 eggs toast and oatmeal. Snack on nuts and yogart. Eat lunch then snack on cottage cheese and 2 spoons of peanut butter. Eat 1 salad everyday with tomatoes and shredded cheese with ranch dressing and .fish or chiecken with some soft of vegtable for dinner. Occasionally have desert. Always have 1 can of tuna everyday. I think I'm eating enough I just don't know if it's enough of the right things.

  4. Sounds pretty good. Whats for Lunch? I would add in whey/gainer shakes pre and post if not already. The salad i would toss out personally and just add a veggie in at lunch and dinner.

    As far as your lifting goes, im not sure what you mean by heavy tho?

  5. thats more of a cutting diet. Try to get to 3000 cals a day and then we'll talk
    Strong people are harder to kill than weak people, and more useful in general. -Rippetoe

  6. By lifting heavy I mean I lift 5 days a week. I stay consistant but just can't gain any weight. What are some good foods that contain a lot of calories? I usually just eat things I pick up on from this site but I've never really had a good solid weight gaining diet that i've seen big results from.

  7. thaOrleanyte is right you need 3+ cals which your close to anyways with shakes and i personally would stop working out 5days a week. Seems like most guys just choose 3or4 days and go at it and get it done in an hr(ish) or so. If i were you i would start out with something along the lines of a 5x5/Madcow. If your not sure what it is, start researching. Theres tons of advise on "routines" DC, HST, 5x5 ETC......

    Drink 1/3cup of Half and Half 3x Daily(Breakfast-Lunch-Dinner) 900+ cals right there (Credit Goes to Suncloud)

    Drink 1.5oz Extra Virgin Olive Oil 3x Daily(Breakfast-Lunch-Dinner) 900+ cals right there (Credit Goes to T-nation)

    I would add the EVOO to shakes with some extra goodies personally. Up to you.

    Then try something along these lines.....

    Morning - 2-3 eggs + 1cup Oats
    Snack - cereal + whole milk or 2tbls Natty PB + Yogurt or String Cheese + Nuts
    Lunch - Steak/Fish/Chicken and Brown rice or Red or Sweet Taters + Veggie
    Preworkout - whey/gainer shake
    Postworkout - whey/gainer shake
    Snack - 2tbls Natty PB + Yogurt or String Cheese + Nuts
    Dinner - Steak/Fish/Chicken and Brown rice or Red or Sweet Taters + Veggie
    Bedtime snack - chicken, steak, ?cott. cheese?

    Mix it up how ever with other stuff like Tuna, Coconut Cream/Oil, Wheat Toast, ETC.......

    Something like that lol.... Other guys on here can give ya much better advise then i, but that should be good to get ya started and get ideas goin for ya! Theres TONS of info on this forum, just gotta dig for it!

    Just something to remember, if you think you are eatting enough, you prob are not!

    Keep it up mang!

  8. lots of good ideas here. i'm just going to add that you should (if not already) be focusing on compound lifts - deads, squats, military press, bench, chins, etc.

    at 5'11" and 160+ you've probably played the bulking game before. maybe your routine has become stale, or you were eating to be 160+, and now you have to adjust your diet to be 170+

  9. ^^^ He speaks truth! Hes a smart cat! Search "Gaining Mass in a Nutshell"! Perfect thread to check out for ya sir!

    Thanks for the REPS SC! Only learning from some of the best!

  10. Good thread!


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