Shoulder jacked up

  1. Shoulder jacked up

    I screwed my shoulder up about ten days ago and decided to take a week off. I started back up on friday and have hit my entire body except chest and shoulders for tommorow morning. I went ahead and tried to do some pushups tonight to see if my shoulder was any better and it still ****ing hurts. I dont know if i strained a muscle or pulled something or tore it or even if my rotator cuff is possibly screwed. It does not hurt when i lift my right arm to the side (like a lateral dumbell raise position). However, when I reach into the back seat of my car to pick my backpack up each day it hurts like hell. Any ideas on what this might be???

  2. you could have torn your lebrum (sp.?) it's in ur shoulder and is a common shoulder injury, honestly i jsut took some animal flex and it went away but i sugget you see a doctor first jsut to be sure...

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