Im getting too much pump

  1. Im getting too much pump

    Ive been on MRI's black powder for 2 weeks and today(arm day) i felt like i was going to expolde. I tried to finish with a set of 21s and couldnt even get a full rep. It fells like my muscles are growing faster then my skin. any ideas or is this a good thing? I heard fish oil is a good blood thinner, would this also bring more elasticisity to my skin or is that BS

  2. i think there's no such thing as too much of a pump. the only time there is such a thing is when the pump prohibits you from finishing your workout. if that is happening, try 1/2 or 3/4 of a dose. other than that, the pump helps shuttle nutrients to the muscles being worked via blood. the bigger the pump, the more potential for growth.

  3. Then i hope i get the same kind of pump in my legs. Hello squat rack

  4. maybe your finally traning right to where your getting a super good pump. Are you doing less weight more reps? if you are it can cause to a bigger pump

  5. Also, may try to wait a bit longer between your sets, and or your "big" sets what ever that may be in your training. I have heard of ppl getting insane pumps and have to wait for it to die down a bit so they can keep training. But SC is right, and you may wanna try half or 3/4 of the dosage. I used it once on a leg day, and gave me energy more then anything =/

  6. dose is to much, never ever have i had to much of a pump, ive had insane pumps where it feels like my muslces are gunna rip open my skin cuz theres so much blood going to them, which is what i want, cuz i want to grow in size!! so decrease dosage amount bud then check it out


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