i consistently weight 170 to 175 at most. i have lifted for three years or so pretty consistently and i will have gains but cannot at all keep them. if i choose not to work out i lose them. i know this is due to not lifting but im just wondering if anyone has any thoughts or ideas on what i can do to gain some descent weight and increase my size and strength. i take protein and have taken alot of different supplements. thanks

  2. if u wana get ur weight up eat
    if u wana get ur weight up lift
    if u wana keep ur weight u need to lift and eat preatty simple

  3. It's a lifestyle change. You can't just eat for a month and then expect to stay that big if you go back to your old habits. You have to eat more everyday for the rest of the time you want to be big.

  4. Like everyone else said, eating consistently is the key to retaining your gains.

  5. I think that we will be better able to assist you if you post up what your diet looks like.
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