My 12 Week Plan = May need some help

  1. Post My 12 Week Plan = May need some help

    Hello every1 I don't no the answer, Iam going 2 start Muscle-tech Leukic, Control labs Blue ups,Scifit Ecdysterone,T-Max test boosters & BCAA. Iam asking would I need 2 take an estrogen blocker(6oxo or chrysin) See what Iam doing is a pre-bulk before I start a H-Drol/P-Plex. I have a support cycle by CEL ,PCT by Anabolic xtreme, 6oxo, taurine,& I need a good test booster which I haven't purchase yet. What else do I need? Toward the end of the Pct Iam going 2 take another Leukic, blue ups, ecdsterone,T-max. Trying not 2 loose no muscle I gain. Do u think that is a good plan or a bit to much? Yes I came up with that myself, I would like comments please

  2. Maybe a little more information needed as far as laying out your whole plan in weeks. We need to see each product and how you are going to dose it each week. This would also include anything you plan to do for PCT.

  3. Hey man, thanks 4 the reply, Iam at work, will lay it all out when I get off.

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