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    I'm looking for some help on some good exercises for my offseason rugby bulk that I will be starting today. I play 9 so i'm more concerned with gaining lean mass than i am with just pure mass.

    Looking for a few good exercises to add to my program so any suggestions will be helpful. Also how do most of you divide up your routine when you do a 5 day program. I do cardio everyday and am just looking help on my lifting program for the season. thanks

  2. give me some info... stats, how old, diet, training history.

    Im a rugby boy too, back row... ill give you some advice, just gimme some info first pal

  3. Your off season workout should not be any different than your inseason workout, imo. Only difference should be diet.

  4. well here is what my lift schedule looks like now. Lift 6 days rest on saturday. 5 sets of everything unless noted otherwise. Any changes to my routine would be helpful. Also any imput on my diet would help. I'm about 5'6 150lbs right now at about 10-12% body fat but that will be dropping as I have gotten back into cardio everyday.
    Day 1: Chest/Back
    DB Bench
    Incline bench
    Cable Flys
    1 arm rows
    Lat Pulldowns

    Day 2: Shoulders/bi's
    Clean + press
    Arnold Press
    Lat Raises
    Cable curls
    Preacher curls

    Day 3: Legs
    leg ext
    leg curl
    calf raises
    wrist curls
    wall sits

    Day 4: tris/back
    Tri pushdown
    weighted dips
    Seated Rows
    Cable straight arm pulldown
    Plate Ladders tri's

    Day 5:Chest/upper
    Bench 3sets 10,8,6
    cable crossovers
    DB Decline 3sets 10,8,6
    Lat raises
    Hammer curls

    Day 6: rest

    Day 7: Legs
    power clean
    leg ext
    leg curl
    calf raises
    wall sits

  5. Quote Originally Posted by Rugger View Post
    Your off season workout should not be any different than your inseason workout, imo. Only difference should be diet.

    I disagree with that. during the season it is unreasonable to suggest that you can train with the same intensity and routine as in the off season due to rugby training sessions- S.A.Q work, skills, team runthrough etc.

    im not sure about your set up but we have tues, thurs training and sat games. trying to sprint on a pitch at training having done a leg heavy leg session is asking for an injury.

    so during the season our conditioning coach has us do maintenance weights along with lots of core work, wobble board work etc. The maintenance weights are usually the same exercises as in the off season but lighter and with higher reps, less rest etc, alot of circuits... to improve fitness while maintaining muscle and strength.

    this is completely different when it comes to the off-season.

    Due to the nature of our game, my training regimen off season revolves around heavy compound movements for bulking and speed and power.

    I do a 5 day split and for muscle group arange my workout around a compound exercise to build explosive power and speed. (muscle mass comes with)

    for example, these exercises are the key ones in my program:

    power cleans
    hang cleans

    you can see the type of movements and why they are being suggested. power cleans and snatch create dynamic explosive power- very important for exploding onto the ball at pace, breaking a tackle etc.

    after you have these power based exercises in place you can fill around them with general bulking work. Remember in the proffessional era of rugby you dont necessarily have to be big... many players are light, quick and very powerful.

    core stability is crucial in rugby so dedicate time to seeting up a good core program. at my club we do tomahawks and woodchops etc on shoulder day to work both shoulder and core.

    incorporating work on wobble boards etc will create stability and balance too. It will also strengthen your medial bands and tighten up your knee joints to protect you from injury.

    also set up an S.A.Q session you can do once a week to maintain agility and mobility as you bulk. im really tired right now, long day, but i hope that made sense. i can help you write up a program if you want... I need to change mine up as ive just torn my ACL in my knee and will be out the rest of the season, so I need an upper body program for bulking while i wait for my op... then the bastard rehab starts

  6. dirtydave88 and shaw001, where you guys from?

    i know rugger is in the states, he loves his rugby and his weights

    i'm from new zealand btw

  7. Im from welsh mate. but live in london, where in NZ u from?

  8. Quote Originally Posted by shaw001 View Post
    Im from welsh mate. but live in london, where in NZ u from?
    new plymouth, taranaki

    same place as paul tito who plays for cardiff blues

  9. i'm from the states as well. shaw i completely see what you are saying with the power day, i would really appreciate it if you were able to help me make and refine a program. any other lifts or suggestions you have will help alot.

  10. b unit u play rugby too?

  11. Shaw i have refined my workout a little bit but still have some holes in it hoping some of you have some input about what i have now.
    Day 1
    DB bench
    Incline bench
    DB flys
    1 arm rows

    Day 2
    Clean +press
    arnold press
    lat raises
    cable woodchoppers
    tri pushdown
    cable/rev cable curls
    hammer curls

    Day 3
    leg ext
    leg curl
    calf raises
    wrist curls

    Day 4:
    Bent over rows
    close grip bench
    Cable Crossover
    preacher curls
    hammer curls
    tri or bi ladder alternating weeks

    Day 5
    hang clean
    Power clean
    anything more?

    thats what i have for right now, still needs some revision i believe but it is looking better i think.

  12. Quote Originally Posted by shaw001 View Post
    b unit u play rugby too?
    i used to (grew up with it, it's new zealand's religion) but i liked rugby league better, got to run the ball a lot more playing front row in league, bigger hits, shoulder charges and not so much pissing around with scrums

    but in the end, weights won out


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