Those who count macros...

  1. Those who count macros...

    Those of you who are bulking and actually truly log/track your macros/calories what do they look like?

    Height and weight and current activity cardio/lifting regimen as well. Try to see what people are doing.

  2. I'd loose my mind if I counted everything. I pretty much eat the same thing every day and I calculated it up a while back. I know what I need to eat and I shoot above it. I can get away with it since I'm an ecto.

  3. So most of you bulkers now, are you hitting high 2000's, 3000's, 4000's?

    I know it's individual for everyone, but was just simply taking a little survey...

  4. I am at 5'10, slightly above 5'10 and I eat around 4500 cals a day, maybe more now as i haven't had the chance to check everything which I usually count everything.

    I just started to include 3-4 shakes a day also because it was getting seriously expensive and tiring trying to choke down chicken, turkey, fish, beef, peanut butter, oils and nuts 7 times a day. Also,my teeth/gums had started to give me problems from eating nuts so much, especially almonds.

    So, now I have 4 (one of which is breakfast listed below) solid food meals, usually fish/chicken/beef/beans/16 oz milk/wheat toast

    One nut snack(around noon, after lunch), either almonds, cashews, pistachios and crystal light

    One regular snack(around mid evening, before w/o), banana, apples, grapes and a peanut butter sandwich(or two) with 16oz of milk

    Then I take in at least 3 shakes

    1 early morning of cytosport (16oz milk)
    1 early after noon of cytosport(12oz milk) after w/o usually
    1 before bed of casein/cashews or almonds (10-12oz milk)

    My breakfast usually consist of

    5-6 whole grain pancakes and honey
    6 eggs (20oz water)
    45 mins later my first cytopsort with 1-2 tbsp peanutbutter

    Thats a rough estimate of how I eat daily, whether I am working out or not...

    I hit the weights 3 times per week doing the old school 5x5 routine..tremendous results so far, and I need to update my current weight as it has gone from 195 to 207
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  5. Oh well, I didn't include my cheat meals on saturday's but that's another story

    Think Dominos pizza and two large
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  6. I'm 5 foot 10 inches tall and 182 pounds and I am currently on a cut consuming 2100 calories a day. I follow my diet strictly and don't cheat.

    I averaged 38% protein, 45% carbohydrates and 17% fat in total last week, evenly spaced over 7 meals. I do 3 hrs of walking for cardio every second day and do a 15 minute run in the evening. I'm currently losing weight like I'm on crystal meth and am considering making changes to reduce the likelihood of catabolism.
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  7. Hardnock...

    Are you doing any cardio during the week or just your lifting?

    Nice, 2 large pies?.. Any specific flavors? I just had that same cheatmeal last weekend. Thought I was the only one who was into pizza and pies.

  8. Sorry for putting my cutting diet in the bulking forum... my bad.

  9. it all depends on my goals. right now 2,000 I'm doing a competition on here though and everything is competition diet as far as what I eat. its highly individual and depends on your goal at the time. APR50 50 % off
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  10. Quote Originally Posted by HITscientist View Post

    Are you doing any cardio during the week or just your lifting?

    Nice, 2 large pies?.. Any specific flavors? I just had that same cheatmeal last weekend. Thought I was the only one who was into pizza and pies.
    The only cardio that I am doing is rolling over in the bed at

    No, seriously, I do 15 minutes of bike (3.5-4.5 met pace) before I squat which is 3 times a week-(5 x 5 program).

    Also, I run on Saturday afternoons for about 2 miles, then a Sunday walk with the wife which is about 1.5 miles around the park a few times; i believe it is 1.5. Actually, I have no idea how far we walk because once we start chatting, we may walk from 3ish to 6pm...

    The pizza, I do a chicken/veggie/pepperoni mix ... The other is just veggie with cheese topping. Normally my nephew comes over and snags a few slices so i rarely get two whole pizza's in...probably one whole and a few pieces.
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  11. That's a moderate amount of cardio... not overboard, seems just about right.

    My wife and I used to walk now she's 38 wks pregnant (she's still training, but walking has kind of been too uncomfortable - will look forward to resuming those soon!)


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