Gain muscle, but not fat?

  1. Gain muscle, but not fat?

    I've heard speculation that you can gain muscle, without gaining weight and eating over maintenance. Well, you would gain weight, since it would be muscle, but very slowly...Is this true?

    Apparently, if you eat protein 1g per lb of body weight and a normal diet, you can gain muscle. But, to gain weight/muscle/fat, you have to eat over maintenance. Eating a normal diet will take longer, but you can actually build muscle while eating a normal diet. Anyone heard of this?

    In some cases it seems better, so you won't have to cut...Although, your sacrificing getting bigger faster.

    In this case, you could just supplement NO2 and maybe could get bigger? It makes sense in a way...Everyone wants to get larger, but what about athletic shape and flexibility? If you eat your maintenance and workout hard, consuming enough protein and maybe take a supplement to help, i don't see how it could be bad...

  2. it is what it is man, try it out if you want cause its probably true if your actually eating over maintenance to a degree but not a 2 large of an amount of maintenance and you will grow but will take alot longer of a time most likely and if you are eating over maintenance you will gain some fat weight, unless your doing crazy cardio and eating extremely clean like diet is 1000% on point!

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