Back and bicep

  1. Back and bicep

    Guys can u gve me best back bicep routine for bulk?

  2. there is no best workout man its what works for you, but ill tell u mine and i always switch it up so keep it different.
    Pull ups 2 sets to failure
    close grip pull down 4x10-12
    preacher curls 3x10
    seated pulley 4x12
    standing bicep curls 3x10
    deadlifts 4x8,8,6,6
    21's 3x10
    DB Row 4x10
    barbell row (reverse grip) 4x10
    middle back shrugs 4x10
    Hyperextensions 4x8

    Hope this helps man just make sure you incoporate compound lifts into your workout such as the deadlift and eat like a horse if your bulking and i would save deadlifts for your last if you do them first or mid workout you probably wont get as good of a workout in deads just drain your body man good luck

  3. Figure your body out and see what works best, but i'm always switching mine up to keep my back guessing. I have a hard time getting a good workout on it. I usually go for 2 exercises on back then one exercise on biceps, 2 back, 1 bicep, repeat. til I feel satisfied. I think the key for me to get a good back workout in is to really concentrate on the pinch/mind/muscle connection with every rep.

  4. I do deads at the beginning... i few it kinda like working your bicep before your forarms... It definately makes the entire workout tougher, but I find that I can do the most weight at the beginning of the workout when i deadlift...(obviously)

  5. make sure u have good form, i would suggest lowering your sets and increasing weight BUT STRICT FORM! I have changed to this routine along with my pb and jelly sandiwiches= 6 pounds muscle 4 weeks.

  6. Whatever routine you decide to go with always do Back first if your going to hit them both on the same day. Back is a way bigger muscle group and a good wamup for biceps.

  7. T Bar rows, pulldowns, chins, dumbbell rows

    BB Curls, preachers, incline curls

  8. back n bi's are great btw

  9. yes they are

  10. damn right they are

  11. yes, u mad?

  12. sir moto


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