Football Player, Nutriton Help

  1. Football Player, Nutriton Help

    Football player here, bulking uptrying to get better. On my college break IM trying to learn the most i can about nutriton cuz i see so many of my teammats selling themselves short with their ****ty diets. I want to learn as much as i can about nutrition and specicifally bulking.

    So if any of you guys got links to the best articles/ threads I would really appreciate it if you could put the best nutrition articles you have bookmarked or threads also. Just trying to learn some more to make myself a better player cuz honestly the training is spot on for me and only can make myself better through nutirion.. which many college football players overlook. Too many guys just like teens on here saying what r u taking?? How about u stop eating 5 pieces of pizza and fries with soda on a Friday night before a game.

    Thanks for any great bulking/ nutrition articles/threads

  2. well you need to put on weight right? do you have any problems with bloodwork? any kinda deficeincys? kidney liver problems?

    best is

    Protein 1.5 g per pound
    Carbs-2-3g per pound
    Fat .4g per pound.

    of course this carbohydrate intake most would be before during and after your practices, in the form of liquid carbohydrates.

  3. Here some links
    Gaining mass in a nutshell (a big nutshell)

    The Ectomorph Workout

    start with those and nutrition is to just find your BMR BMR calculator, Calorie Calculator, Macro Calculator

    After all that eat like a horse of good foods high proteins and train hard with all the compound workouts and you will grow i just stopped my bulking cycle after gain 20lbs about 14lbs of mass and 6lbs of fat id say all within 4 months so good luck bro

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