weight gain help

  1. weight gain help

    hey. i'm 23 and weight 118 lbs. its ****ing embarrassing. kids that were like 10 years younger than me are now bigger than me. it is very frustrating and discouraging. i am not looking to put on weight fast, i just want a program that will work as i am very dedicated to putting in the work. but i just dont know where to start. i bought the scrawny to brawny book and read it, but it doesnt seem to outline the workouts in good detail. i even thought about steroids but i didnt think that would be the best thing as someone told me u gotta be a good size to take them to begin with. but if they would help i'd do it in a heartbeat because i am tierd of being this size. any other supplemts u guys recommed with workouts like any particular type of creatine or proteins n weight gainers?

    thanks for all ur help in advance.

  2. I was always skinny in my younger days, 23 was actually when i started putting on weight........eat eat eat.....5 to 6 meals a day with a huge weight gainer shake every night.....stretch your stomach, eat till you feel like throwing up......get on a good weight program, keep your reps in the 12-10-8 range.....workout 5 times a week....thats how i did it......main thing is carb intake, stretching stomach to where you can take in more foods......weight gainer shakes a must

  3. Gaining mass in a nutshell (a big nutshell)

    post 42 or 44 has my before and after pics.
    also, there's a sublink in there called "the ectomorph workout". i hope it helps.

  4. Eat heavy and lift heavy!!!

    But do not overtrain, make sure you get your rest you grow when you sleep.

  5. hey man just eat eat eat everything you possibly get your hands on, dont stop eat till you feel like puking then wait like an hour and eat more haha, seriously though eat good high protein foods and lots of carbs probably, train 5 days a week and get the form down right before going heavy internet has videos on how to do exercises right, once you have your form strength will come with size my friend get yourself a good weight gainer if not that make your own up theres receipes in the receipe section, most importantly make sure to get plenty of rest atleast 8 hours of sleep a night for your muscles to recover thats when you will grow hope this helps good luck on your quest

  6. thanks for all the help guys.


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