4 hours sleep 2 days in a row!

  1. 4 hours sleep 2 days in a row!

    hey everyone, i recently had a client that could only be trained at 7:30am these past 2 days, but i dont get to bed till 2:30 because of night shift at my other job... will it kill my gains? i come home and take about a 4 hour nap afterwards.

  2. I would assume so...
    personally if I'm sleep deprived I dont bother with the gym.
    I think you're better off resting and leaving the lifts for another day if you're really tired or chronically fatigued...

    aim for the 8hours mate

  3. That depends how you feel after your 4 hour nap. If you feel full of energy then head to the gym The easies way to find out is to go to the gym and if you find that you aren't able to handle the same weights or do the same reps then you are fatigued.

    If you are fatigued you could always try a pre-workout supp or a couple of cups of coffee to see if this helps.

  4. Ive spent most my adult life living off 3-5 hours a night. Until I started lifting, then I enter an immortal struggle to get 7 (8 makes me groggy). I always just miss a good cut off point, then have to wake up in a few hours. Though recently for a couple months I been getting 8-10

    It is very important, but it does depend on your body. Look at marine training. 4 hours of sleep in 84 hours my bro just did that kinda deal.

    But lacking in sleep does slow muscle recovery, increases chances of injury, and usually just makes you feel pooey. I would also say add in another meal to your day on a 4 hour nap night. Since this is in the bulking thread anyways, I dont think that would pose an issue. When I have less sleep I find fruits and some nice carbs really refresh my mind. Recommendation is 7-9 depending on person. It does effect muscle growth.

  5. 4 hours in 80 something hours worth of sleep... **** that!

    i appreciate my sleep but also try not to over sleep... 8.5 hours for me, 9 on the weekends.. anymore i begin to feel less energised the next day

    me personally tho after doing all my human factors courses for my pilots licences... and reading up on what happens to the body with fatigue... just makes me realise how much the body needs it and what happens to you when you're really low on it... id imagine those marines were ****ed up mentally by the time they were done...

    i guess they'd have to do it once to see what its like just incase they ever have to be awake that long in a life or death situation

  6. one thing ive read up on... if my memory serves me right... the average human body needs 8 hours (adult) of sleep to recharge... if you get say 6 hours of sleep on day 1, 6 on day 2... then by ur third day when u wake up you're effectively in the minus by 4hours... it accumulates

    you all know the feeling, you can get your 6 hours of sleep on a sunday night and feel fine on monday... but if you keep it up.. by friday you're gona be sleepign at work and hating every moment of it... if you did that all week you'd be 10hours sleep deprived... the interesting fact is by that friday you wouldnt have to sleep a crap load to make up for it... youd just need that 8 hours the next night to bring you back to a refreshed point

  7. Exactly. I've had 2 nights in a row of 4 hrs of sleep, and really affects me now. I'm just not into it, and my performance in the gym was affected as well. Screw it. I'm sleeping a 12 hrs tonight


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