4 years .... whats your opinion

  1. 4 years .... whats your opinion

    I dont have the best diet nor the best workout but i do what i can when i can but i thought id like to show you what i call progress from the time i graduated 4 yrs ago till nowName:  january2400211111.JPG
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    135lbs to 185lbs:bb3:
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  2. NICE!!! BRO keep it up man read this fourm and read some more do wat works for u and obiously wat ever your doing it is working!!!

    just remeber not to neglect your lower body, soooooo much more growth can be achived by working out your lower body

  3. awesome gains, noticably in the arms! keep pumpin those guns

  4. Dude 50lbs in 4 years is GREAT work. Keep it up

  5. can you give me some workout pointers to target my hard to reach areas....

    front/ back of bicep i want more definition and i have a lil pudge when i flex at the front of my bicep....

    the outer corners of my boobies

    and especially the portion of fat ive had since i was lil right above my armpit where my shouler and pec meet.......



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