How will this affect my bulk?

  1. How will this affect my bulk?

    So yesterday I had a project that I procrastinated until the last minute and I almost pulled an all nighter. I only had an hour of sleep. The whole night I could not eat anything because I was working with a group of friends and the only thing to eat was potato chips. I woke up skipped breakfast because I was late for a presentation. Throughout the day I lost my apetite and had to go to fitness class where we played basketball for an hour. I just got home at midnight because I was doing a group assignment. For the whole day I did not eat as healthy as I should have. I just wanted to know how bad I messed up and anything I can do to recover better? Will this affect my gains?

  2. chalk it up to life. if you know this might happen tomorrow, bring some food with you.

    one day won't undermine your bulk. a week will though.

  3. ya man next time be prepared and bring food with you. one day wont kill you ur straight

  4. Life happens, as those above said, try to prepare. bring a bag of beef jerkey, some whole milk, and almonds. but just like you cant loose a bunch of fat, or gain a bunch of muscle in a day. you cant ruin it in a day either IMO. get extra sleep the next couple days and get back on track.

  5. so im back on track and i feel ok but i missed a leg day this week =*( it was just that day i was extra stressed so i forgot to plan. FAIL TO PLAN, PLAN TO FAIL i guess =(

  6. You're screwed! All of your strength and muscle is probably going to get reversed. It's called Reverse Adaptation brah.

    You're fine.

  7. From here, you are looking noticeably smaller.


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