Poll: Protein cycling - ever tried it? (tell results and how you changed your intake)

Protein Cycling - Have you tried it?

  1. Post Protein Cycling - Have you tried it?

    I have read of varying protein intake in cyclical fashion to keep the body running at more efficient usage of protein - avoiding nutritional "plateau-ing" so to speak.

    I was searching on the web and came across a piece written by Marcus R. Jones, MD called, Protein Cycling for Maximum Gains. If you have never read it, give it a search and a read. It is the most aggressive protein cycling regimen I have heard of so far.

    Out to the AM community: Have you cycled protein? How much variation have you applied in cycling your protein intake, and did you see results? If anyone has used the style of cycling Dr. Jones spoke of, please give some detail.


  2. -- especially would like to hear impressions of Dr Jones' technique and results of any who have cut protein to that extreme.

  3. i've tried it.
    imo calorie cycling > protein cycling

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