Critque my post workout regiment

  1. Critque my post workout regiment

    During workout:
    purple wrath one scoop

    Immediately after workout:

    -30-40 g Primaforce Waxy Maize Starch (more on big muscle group days)
    -18-36 grams of Primal EAA (just an EAA mixture)
    -bitter melon (mimics insulin)
    -chromium (glucose transporter)
    -alpha lipoic acid
    -gynema sylvestra
    -ADAM (multivitamin)
    -1000 mg vitamin C

    About 45 minutes after the above:
    whole food meal including

    30 grams carbs from sweet potato or oats
    30 grams of protein from whole food source

    i weigh about 160lb with probably 14% bodyfat


  2. looks bulletproof to me!

  3. Looks real solid. I just might add some of those to my shake! I'd use EAA's but they are just so expensive. ON Whey works for me.

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