Bulk/BCAA/EAAs: Timed Carb?

  1. Bulk/BCAA/EAAs: Timed Carb?

    As you know, this is my first post.

    I am 19yo, 6'3'', 185, 12% BF. I started out lifting at 170 and 10% BF this July, and got serious in August. I've had a couple of "mini-cuts" to undo a night of izza: from time to time, but I've mostly been eating hearty. I have been lifting 3-6 times a week, usually alternating body parts, but I've gotten some really strong workouts in recently and done fewer per week. My workout buddy says that he'd recommend a winter bulk, but there's always the question of how much work the aftermath is.

    I've gotten to the point where I eat 6 meals a day,take 40g+ a day of fish oil/fish fat, megadose BCAAs on workout days (10g PRE and 22.5g Post, 4:1:1) and take in just about maintenance, which is 2500-2800 for me. I get 240-400g of protein a day. I also take Potassium, ALCAR, ALA, and hydrolyzed whey.

    My first question is: what ratios should I use on macros? I've tried Low Carb for my mini-cuts, and enjoy that. I have had a hard time going back to carbs, as I'm like a relapsing addict and eat all the delicious high carb/sugar foods I can find.

    I could:
    A. Timed Carb (IE, take 50g Dex PWO and 100g oats PRE as my only carbs)
    B. A, except taking low GI carbs throughout the day and lowering protein intake.
    C. A more balanced diet- maybe a 33 33 33? I've been told that more carbs would give me more energy and improve gym performance, as well as anabolism through insulin stimulation?

    My second question is: Should I bulk or cut? I can see three rows of abs, as well as a faint glimpse of my serratus when flexed, but they're not very clearly defined. This obviously ties in to the first question. I also have some extra skin left over (being a former fat guy, from when I was 16 and 240Lbs)

    Last question (I promise!):

    For EAAs, what are the ratios you've seen best, and how do you see it dosed/used? I have seen elsewhere on this forum vague references to BCAAs when cutting and EAAs when bulking, but I see no reason to avoid an EAA mix when cutting. I usually get my stuff from TrueProtein.com, but their mix is really high in BCAAs and since I buy those in bulk already, it's not what I'm after necessarily.

    Thanks everyone!

  2. No replies? Is there something I missed?

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