1. Pushups?

    today was my pushup day, and usually i do wide,regular,diamond pushups 4 sets of 25 each in a half hour =300 total

    but today i did same thing but with a 20 pound vest on, nd did sets of 15 instead = 180 total

    my question is, for pushups is it better to do more with less weight or less with more weight?

  2. Push ups are more of a body weight movement to promote being able to carry your weight like pull-ups. Not reall a bulking exercise IMO. Vest or not. Plus if youre not doing them right and it becomes to much stress on the joints.

    Keep em' light. I would not be making a day of them either if youre bulking. Stick to heavy compound movements.

    I only do push-ups at the end of my chest routine, 2 sets to failure

    Pull ups mid-back routine 2 sets max.

  3. Keep in mind you can create muscle imbalances from only or moreseo working your chest/shoulders than back. You will most likely develop impingement with alot of pushups and no significant or equal back work.

  4. If youre only 130 lbs Id say youre alright with sticking with the push ups for now. If you get bigger down the line, youd probably want to drop them for something more effective. But when I was 18 and in the Corps, all I did was push ups and pull ups (aside from running) and used that as my base to start from a few years later when I wanted to start lifting heavier and getting a little bigger. Its better than doing nothing, but probably wont give you the results that will make you a pro bodybuilder like most people around these kind of boards want to make everybody strive to become.

    So it really depends on your goals or desires. If you want to fast track your way to huge, theyre probably not best, but if youre just trying to add definition or something, work on your weighted push ups if you want. 180 push ups with 20#s on is no joke, I dont care what anyone says. And the weighted pushing would be better than body weight in my opinion just because the intensity is probably higher out of the two.

  5. thanks maverick, i think im gonna stick with them, at the end my pecs kill like hell, and my gaol for em is more def, and help

  6. push ups are a great workout when you cant make it to the gym.. throw in some body weight squats, handstand push ups, and some couch deads and you got yourself a nice home workout, you might not be bulking and making gains but it helps keep what you have on those long days where you just dont have time to get to the gym and hit the iron

  7. Are you trying to bulk by doing pushups?

  8. yes, well its it my workout schedule

    for chest i have one day where i do just pushups, hence the thread, which i do on friday, then on monday i do bench (if im at my friends), DB incline bench, weighted dips,DB decline, then after that I do 2 sets of pushups for wide,diamond,reg till fail at the very end


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