Advice On Bulking

  1. Advice On Bulking

    I am new to this site but have read alot of posts and it seems to me there is alot of good info floating around. I have been lifting wieghts for close to 4 years now and can't seem to get any gains. Every year I try to bulk in the winter and cut up for summer...and my body seems to never change. I am 5 ft 8in around 145lbs. My body weight in summer is around 140 and I can get up to 155ish in the winter but I am bloated and not very lean. I take several diff protien shakes, eat alot of good foods but its just almost impossible for me to get bigger or stronger. I dont want to take any p.h. or any thing like that....but is there something out there that can help my situation. I just dont want to sacrafice my health or anything...but at the same time if something can benefit me without damage i would be open to it.

    I train hard, go heavy, get good sleep and let my body recover fully! It just seems like I cant see any gains..

    any advice is appreciated, thanks Paul.


  2. EAT EVERYTHING UP!! gotta increase your eating and as well as check out the article suncloud left for you man

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