Sorry:how many Kcal for a day?

  1. Sorry:how many Kcal for a day?

    Hello everybody,
    I'm so sorry, I read and heard a lot of this argoment but I really understand.
    I'll like to builk a great muscle without fat. I know that's the dream of every user.....

    Sometime I read this formula:

    Cal tot= 33xBW +/- 10%
    50% Carbs
    1 of protein (good proteine like a Turkey,Chicken,eggs,Whey,ecc.. ) for every pound of bodyW.
    Rest ...good fat.

    Sometime: 40% Carbs, 40% Pro and 20% Fat
    or 50% Carbs, 40 Pro and 10 fat
    or 50 % carbs, 35 % Pro and 15% fat.....

    What is the right formula? How many Kcal I have to eat every day? I'm unlucky 'cause is really easier for me gain fat.....

    Current Stats:
    Height: 5'08"
    Weight: 154
    Bodyfat: ~15%

    In a couple a days I'm gonna start my first cycle with AMS KIT......


  2. Sorry, but nobody know? Everybody eat some food or do a day calculation?
    Thank'ssss & have a nice day!

  3. I'm so sorry, but I can't believe. Everybody eat ramdomly?!?

  4. figure out what you're eating now, then bump it up by 500 calories. when the gains stop or slow down, bump it up by 500 calories. if you're that concerned about fat gain, then this is probably the best way. there's no magic number for bulking, because none of them take into account your body type, metabolism problems (diabetes, etc), or how intensely you work out at the gym. just add 500 more calories to your diet per day from what it is now, and when the gains stop, add some more.



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