lean bulk cardio

  1. lean bulk cardio

    when is the best time to do cardio when lean bulking? About

    how long and how intense should it be? I am weight training 3

    days a week. I have a pretty average body type. Im not

    super lean nor do i have very high bodyfat. maybe around 10%

  2. Cardio for what? Endurance? Cardiovascular health?

  3. health and to keep body fat down

  4. Quote Originally Posted by classic27 View Post
    health and to keep body fat down
    That's kind of redundant when bulking, isn't it? After all, your body needs an excess of calories to bulk; cardio would burn more calories negating any 'bulking' progress that you may have initiated. So if you're eating 500+ but doing 700cals worth of cardio to keep body fat down you'll only accomplish one.

    The only thing I can think of to help you would be to do fasted morning HIIT once or twice a week at max.

    Still, lean bulk cardio doesn't make much sense to me. The "lean" part of lean bulk is accomplished by precise dieting, not adding cardio.

  5. I was afraid that would be the type of answer i got. well

    then how should i do my cardio for my general health durring

    a lean bulk?

  6. sorry i just really like to hear other peoples thoughts and

    suggestions on things and i love fittness

  7. i think cardio while bulking is one of these non researched things that someone stumbled upon.

    my theory is someone was bulking at 500 cals over maintainence, but was gaining a little too much fat. so he added some cardio which burned some more calories..which means it cut down his surplus to lets say..300.

    fat gains slowed. so he theorized cardio while bulking = keep fat gains down.

    so wouldnt just eating only 300 over to begin with been the smarter idea? of course u should do cardio for endurance/health reasons.

    also the same topic is being discussed right here.
    How many times a week do you LEAN BULKERS do cardio?

  8. I personally don't agree with fasted HIIT cardio. If you're doing it fasted, it's not High Intensity in my opinion, you can't push yourself hard enough.

    When lean bulking, you don't really want long cardio sessions because you might break down muscle tissue. I suggest short HIIT sessions, about 15 minutes. I do HIIT after all my workouts except legs and off days, but that's just me. 3x/week should suffice. It's worked nicely the past month for me.

  9. HIT is definitely fine while bulking as it raises your metabolism and creates a very beneficial anabolic hormonal response.

    I think "hamster wheel" cardio is useless and in fact detrimental to a bulk. By "hamster wheel" I mean low intensity long duration cardio that some people seem to like. That kind of cardio is only good for burning calories, and by calories I mean calories, not fat

  10. I recently discovered that a good session of HIT is actually really nice after a leg workout to work the kinks out of the quads.

  11. Quote Originally Posted by arizonanewbie View Post
    I recently discovered that a good session of HIT is actually really nice after a leg workout to work the kinks out of the quads.
    ouch.....i can't imagine. I live on the third floor so the walk home is all the "HIT" I need after legs

  12. 30 minutes of walking.

  13. Quote Originally Posted by BulkHogan View Post
    30 minutes of walking.
    walking? lame..... get out the hamster wheel


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