Transition to bulk, taper up cals?

  1. Transition to bulk, taper up cals?

    Do you guys taper up your calories when you go from but to bulk or do you just jump right in?

  2. I used to go balls to the wall right away...this time I tapered up and it made for an easier transition...

  3. What do you mean easier

  4. IMO - slowly add calories, or else it'll screw with your digestive track. if its an all out bulk, add 500 calories per week till you're bulking the way you want to.

  5. mainly from a GI stand point...i.e. less gas and sh1tting myself.

  6. Yeah that would be good. I'm probably going to be utilizing some gut health to help with that also.

  7. Depends on your current standing.

    If your just maintaining weight then you should be able to pretty quickly up the kcals and see very little downside to it.

    If your coming off a strict cut using say CKD then upping the kcals carefully is in order. Depending on how many carbs and so on you have been taking in if you bring everything back up to fast you might have gastro problems.

    Gut Health seems like a great idea to me as well! I was thinking about using it for my next bulk to make sure I recieve the best uptake of food.

  8. taper or it will be too much for your body to handle.

  9. I find tapering is helpful for gut health. It allows your body to gradually get used to the influx.


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