Help with bulking!! (gaining fat but not weight)

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    Need help trying to set up a bulking diet. I have been trying to bulk since early july. Starting school soon so my training schedule had to change alittle. I plan to do a 3 day split M: back/tri, W: legs/shoulders, th: chest/bicep (10 min cardio as warm up) i plan on doing mua thai on tues, friday, sunday
    * sat wutever muscle i feel like training
    Im 19, 6' 0", 171lbs bf 15%? idk ill post pic later

    This is my diet on training days (MWTH)
    (7:00 AM)
    3/4 Cup Cereal ( 12g P/ 55 C/ 3.75g F)
    1 Scoop On Whey (24g P/3g C/ 1g F)
    1 Tbsp Flax Oil (14g F)
    Total= (36g P/ 58g C/ 18.75g F)

    (9:30 AM) (Pre-Work Out)
    1C Quaker OFO (10g P/54g C/6g F)
    6 egg whites,2 yolks (35g/7g F)
    Total= (35g P/54g C/ 13g F)

    [B]](11:30) Post Workout[/B
    2 Scoops of Whey (48g p/ 6g C/ 2 g F)
    2 small apples (36g C)
    1 orange (20g C)
    Total=(48g P/62g C/ 2g F)

    (12:30 AM)
    2 Slices of Ezekiel Bread (8g P/ 30g C/ 1 g F) * do i minus fibre when calculating carbs? even if it adds calories?
    6 turkey slices (36g P/ 4g C/2 g F))*I get my turkey slices from the school cafeteria, their brand has 2g of sugar per 3 slices.
    25 almonds (6g/3g/15g)

    (3:30 PM)
    1 MRP Pro Lab Lean Mass Complex (40g/40g/8g)

    12 slices of turkey (36g/8g/2g)
    3 cups broccoli (10g C)
    1 Tbsp Olive Oil (14g F)

    9:30pm (before Bed)
    1 Scoop Casein (24g P/ 3g/.5g F)
    Fish Oild Capsules (3g F)
    Total= (24/3/3.5)
    Grand Total= (251g P/ 278.5g C/ 79.25gF) (2831.25 Calories)

  2. if you're only gaining fat off that diet, which looks OK to me, its your workout thats a problem. post your normal workouts, with sets and reps.

  3. M:
    Lats: 3 X10
    V-grip Pulldowns (3x10)
    t-bar row (3 x5 )
    one arm bb row (3x10)
    close grip bench ( 3x 10)
    rope pull downs (3x10)
    Bench (3x10)
    Incline (3x10)
    Decline (3x10)
    BB curls (3x10)
    olympic lifts and squats with 3 sets of <6 reps except squats its 6-10 for 3 sets
    sry first time ever trying to bulkin just wondering if im going at it the right way? any suggestion will be great.
    should i just wait a couple more weeks to check progress?

  4. try doing your workout as a superset or giant set.

  5. there're any number of things that could be the problem, unfortuneately. One likely thing, like suncloud suggested, is your workout.

    Are you making progress every week - getting stronger, increasing weight, sets or reps, or shortening rest time? When was the last time you changed your workout? What active recovery or cardio are you getting?

    You could need to intensify your workouts- push yourself more. Or you could need to change to something new, that your body is unaccustomed to. Fat-gain can be inhibitted with some extra activity throughout the day.

    You could also change up your diet, to keep your body guessing on a nutritional front - throw in a couple of low carb days every week, or change protein intake for a day or two.
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  6. thx for the quick reply, i think ill just try and cut my rest time down to 30 sec in between sets, repost ina couple of weeks.


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