soft muscles

  1. soft muscles

    The last 3 weeks my muscles feel soft. I have no idea why.
    The weird part is that i am getting stronger in ALL my lifts. My diet has changed for the last 4 weeks.

    Breakfast: 2 cups of oatmeal, 1scoop of protein, and milk
    Pre workoutrotein shake
    postworkout: protein and carb (40/40) shake
    lunch: 10oz of chicken, bake potato
    snack: 1 cliff bar and protein shake
    dinner: 10- oz chicken, steak, fish

    Also, 4-5 times a week add a pbj sandwich in the mix (extra)

    I am i not going to failure enough? please help.

  2. Did you recently start taking any creatine or NO supplement? That's one reason why I often avoid them unless I feel I've been at a sticking point in my lifts for too long. Could also be a water issue, check your sodium intake.

  3. I agree with the water idea. It is possible to retain excess water on a creatine supp. Some protein mixes have this as part of there blend. Not that it is a bad thing as it would be doing it's job, however it can cause your muscles to feel "soft" this is of course baring that they recently got like this and it is not excess fat or skin tissue to to weight loss.

  4. The protein might be the culprit. I take optimum after max and whey protein. I did take jp8 for 2 weeks but stopped because it made me feel like crap and no fat maybe extra skin, i did lose about 10lbs.

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