Lean bulk / strength gain

  1. Lean bulk / strength gain

    Hey guys i am starting a lean bulk , max strength workout . i am 22 6 2 and 235 around 12ish percent BF . I workout on a three day spit consisting of olympic powerlifts bench squat clean so on . With tuesday and thursday are agility days and pylo days . I do cardio low intensity for aerobic conditioning after my lifts and on weekends, for 45 mins and high intensity sprints on agility days. I am looking to put on 15-20 lbs keeping in mind i am running a pplex-sdrol cycle also.. while increasing lifts and maintaining BF.

    Diet needs some help ..
    Diet now
    meal 1
    1 cup oats
    9 egg whites
    Pre Workout
    1 cup oats / or 1 cup B rice
    8oz chicken breast
    PW shake
    60g carb
    Meal 3
    1 cup B rice / 1 cup oats
    8 oz chicken
    Meal 4
    8 oz burger or cut of beef with around 30gs of fat from beef
    3tbs flax seeds
    Meal 5
    Tuna 1 cup about 50g pro
    2tbs coconut oil
    Meal 6
    Same as meal 4 or 5

    comes out to about 3500 4000 calories for maintenance
    For my cycle any recomenddations ? during cycle i was going to increase calories to around 4500 5000 . Increase carbs ? protein ? Need Some help gaining the weight and staying lean

  2. Well first off if your trying to bulk then staying lean is out of the question cause you are going to gain some fat, which is what happens when you bulk and after your cycle you then cut back and lean out ya kno, you can stay in shape not looking real heavy on your cycle but if you look ripped now with abs showing off and all well there not going to be looking as pretty while your bulking up dude

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