Goal by 1st of the year

  1. Goal by 1st of the year

    I'm 210 6'1 10-11%bf want to hit 235 by 1st of the year possible?

  2. at what bodyfat percentage? Are you staying natty or "supplementing"?

  3. natty, extra amino's the norm eat like a monster keep bodyfat in the range I have now

  4. sounds like you are already in good shape.
    i'm going to say it sounds difficult to do natty without adding a good amt of bf.

  5. PH are tempting, but I'm 23 and really only been lifting for a year I was 195 2 months ago but that was a cut and this time last year I was 185 17%bf. Give you an idea of my progress in June I had a 13.5" biceps today it 15" I have no idea whats good or not.

  6. Since you are still fairly new to the game you should be able to put on some good mass before the end of the year but some body fat is going to come with it...that's just the name of the game if you want to get big quick...

    What is your current diet? How about your training split?

  7. Chest(Dumbbells ever other session): Incline, Decline, Flat bench, Chest press, Db Flys all 3x5
    Biceps (they get their own day): Cable curls, barbell curls, hammer, 8x3
    Triceps(own day): 3x5
    Legs: Leg press, Squats,Leg curls, Leg extensions, Calves until failure.
    Shoulders(love this day): Olympic shrugs 3x5, Dumbbell shrugs, shoulder press, Cable shoulder raises you know cable behind you raise you arm like a bird.
    Abs: All using additional weight of some kind, 4 miles of cardio

  8. not easy thing to do, especially without gaining a ton of fat.

    Gaining mass in a nutshell (a big nutshell)

    the best way to gain muscle mass is in compound exercises, and it looks like you're not doing a lot of them. if you added them in on appropriate days, you'll see results pretty quick. 25 pounds in 4 months is pretty hard though. i'd say if you trained hard, added compound moves, you might be lucky enough to put on 15 pounds pretty clean (since your body isn't used to doing them).

    p.s. where's back day?

  9. In my haste to get to class forget to put it down.
    Back: Tbar rows 3x5 , Lat pull down my big focus this month, 15 pull ups, Pistol grip rows 4x10 all my rows shoulder blades must touch for one rep. I do more just can't think right now what else there is.

    OBTW I read your in a nutshell article good stuff. Im on the see protein/carbs diet but I keep detailed notes.

  10. possible but will be hard with just lean muscle gain

  11. U r gonna have to eat a lot more and train even harder


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