Bulk Or Cut?

  1. Bulk Or Cut?

    hey guys, im new to this site. Have been reading alot of forums and have heard some awsome stories and seen some crazy transformations. I just wanted to know if i should cut before i try and get bulk or should i just start bulking? I was thinking of taking deca(im new to this, so please dont be harsh on me, im learning ... but havent done any steriods b4.
    But should i keep working hard on the weights or loose weight(cutting) than get bulk?
    Im 23, 6'1 245lbs

    Thanks guys

    P.S. Sorry if i dont make any sense...(tierd)..lol

  2. What's your body fat %? If you are carrying a lot of fat, I would cut down a bit first before bulking personally, but that's really up to you.

    Also, if you're new to working out, there's no need to use steroids... you have plenty of room to grow muscle naturally.

  3. depends on what body fat you are. if you're pushing 18% or more, then yes, cut and then bulk. if you're under 15% body fat, keep bulking. there is a link between high belly fat and low testosterone and growth hormone output, so thats the logic for this - you can still bulk but more and more of it will be fat if your body fat is already high. at 23 i think you might be too young for deca, though thats my personal opinion - theoretically you are plenty old enough.

    you can still work out and cut - cutting is about ramping up the cardio while limiting carbs.

    i'm going to add that i've never done deca before, so hopefully someone else can give you an answer as to whether its right for you.

  4. Im not sure about my body fat %,I am off and on in the gym but now im gonna be going mon-friday. And every other week wednesday off. I do I am new to working out. But slowly learning and even learning in the gym. I use to work out 3 years ago everyday day i was 310 and than lost 100 lbs in 8 months. now 3 years has passed and gain some back and some fat back.I wanna stay big on my upper body(chest and back, and neck) but wanna loose my lil tummy(Lol) but at the same time get huge.

  5. okay. stay away from deca for awhile then. your body has something cool called "muscle memory", that is to say its easier to get back what you had than to put on "new muscle". personally, based on what you're saying, i'd look into a 5x5 program three times a week (yahoo or google search). do the workouts without breaks, and limit carbs for the rest of the day after your workout. you should gain muscle from this while burning fat. you won't burn a whole lot of fat, but it will be noticeable. the muscle gain that comes with it will help you burn more fat on a carb restricted diet. notice i said nothing about carbs pre workout - feel free to keep doing what you were doing before - this is a growth hormone based workout, and fast digesting carbs post workout will blunt the response. pre workout, its just energy that you will expend in training.

  6. thanks cloud for the great info
    What u think i should do about my eating habits(meal plan)?
    I never had a planed diet when i lost all my weight, i just start loosing weight and started eating less and i never ate at night.IS there any diet plans that would help me?
    This week i will get pics and show what my size is and hopefully it can help me on what to do.

  7. eat fewer empty calories - limit soda, sugar, etc
    eat heavy carbs in the morning, then taper off from there
    keep protein high
    don't avoid fats (except for trans fat)

    if you're doing a 5x5 workout, with supersets, you will spike your growth hormone levels really high. its a great fat burner, and a great muscle builder. carbs will blunt that response, so after workouts, stick with slow digesting carbs - they will not blunt your GH response. also, if this workout will spike your GH levels, and sleep does too (and since you're limiting carbs post workout) they should spike pretty high again at night - higher than if your diet was untouched. also, since muscle takes more calories to maintain, you will keep burning fat as your body will need to do so to maintain your added muscle growth. i will email you some documents on growth hormone if you'd like to PM me with your email address.

  8. yea actually i have been doing that for a few days and stoped sodas and when i work out, i did weight lifting and after i did my cardio.. feels damn good.. i did that before when i lost all my weight now im back in the game :P....
    and cloud, thanks for the email.. great help man, thanks

  9. anytime brotha. just keep yourself motivated.


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