i need 15 pounds of muscle

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  1. i need 15 pounds of muscle

    iam 21 and about 5'6 and weigh 130. i want to gain 15 pounds of muscle and also be cut. should i bulk up then cut or the outher way around? basicly i dont really know what iam doing so if i can get any muscle gain tips or anything that would help that would be great. thanks

    oh by the way i also take boxing classes 5 days a week will that effect me gaining weight?

  2. well first off u gotta post ur workouts and how much ur eating without that we knt help you .. and yeh the boxing is going to effect it alil bit man .. ur gonna be burning alot of cals dude

    what i would do is EAT EVERYTHING IN SITE ! and as far as workin out ..

    monday - chest
    sat-bi 's

    try that see if your like it or you can try

    monday-chest and bi's
    friday-shoulders and tri's

    make sure u do compound lifts first.. and do 3 sets 6-10 reps HEAVIEST YOU CAN GO ! without messin up your form of course

  3. Work Out routine: WO time 45mins – 1hr
    Week 1&2:
    -Day 1: Chest, triceps
    -Day 2: Biceps, shoulders, abs
    -Day 3: Back, traps
    -Day 4: Legs, abs
    -Day 5: Off
    Week 3&4
    -Day 1: Back, traps, shoulders
    -Day 2: Triceps, abs
    -Day 3: Legs, biceps
    -Day 4: Chest, abs
    -Day 5: Off

    *the reason i have no cardio added in there is because of your boxing.

    Calories: 3000-4000 @ 45/45/10 carb/protein/fat
    Water intake: 1-2 gallons
    *Off day
    -Calories: 2500-3500 @ 40/35/25 carb/protein/fat
    -Water intake: 1 gallon

    stick with this kind of diet untill you hit 145-150 lbs then you can clean bulk like:

    Calories: 2500 @ 50/45/5 carb/protein/fat
    Water intake: 1-2 gallons
    *Off day
    -Calories: 3000 @ 45/40/15 carb/protein/fat
    -Water intake: 1 gallon

    in all this time your body is going to get used to the extra weight and yes a good portion will be fat but once you hit 150 and keep that for a couple weeks you can start to cut. your muscles and organs will be stronger/bigger and when you cut you will be pleased because you will be able to actually see the muscle under the low bf% (later in the cut that is)

  4. +1 ^^ but I would not do any cutting phase untill you get your body mass up to 190 + lbs. Then have a look at your BF%, if its geting up 15% or more you could run a reduced calorie diet with more cardio. In the end, the more muscle mass you pack on the more your fat burning furnace will burn fat. It just takes time & hard work in the gym & discipline in your food plan.

  5. Man, I wish I took it really seriously when I was 21 like you seem to be. It took me until I was 28 to get serious and it was 10x harder for me to get where I am, guaranteed, than it will be for you.

    Yeah, listen to these guys. Eat yourself silly. Learn to swallow tuna fish like aspirin and guzzle water all day. It's lots of work and a pain in the ass, but you'll get it.

    Good luck.

  6. boxing 5 days a week is going to be hell on a bulk. it can still be done though, just eat more. carb and protein shakes pre and post boxing, and pre and post gym. shoot for 40g of carbs and 20g of protein, since you'll still be at 80g of protein shakewise throughout the day. add eggs to your diet. add squats and deadlifts to your routine. 5 small meals a day + those 4 shakes and you'll gain. post your workout routine for us brotha.

  7. for a beginning lifter, total body workouts tend to produce more muscle is less time than a split routine. While the workouts posted above will work - heck Drummaboy's blown up in size since he started here on AM - I've gotten best progress for myself and others when started on a total body routine 3days a week. That's 3days a week of nothing but heavy, compound lifts, with a few supplemental isolation movements for pivot points (i.e. calf raises, reverse hypers, hanging leg raises, etc.)

    RenegadeRows has several excellent threads about bulking, and DistilledWater also wrote up a great one a while back - search and read!
    Bulk Performance Solutions
    --No Proprietary Blends, All Performance--

    ***NOW @ NP***

  8. Well 15 lbs of solid muscle will probably be attained in a year or two of clean bulking (trust me, alot of weight gained on bulks are water and fat)

    doing boxing 5 days a week will definitely eat up the calories, youll have to make up for it by eating way more, at least I'd say 1000-2000 calories more.

    Good Luck

  9. It's hard but beta-alanine plus haladrol with deca, and no xplode with proper pct could maybe do the job

  10. Quote Originally Posted by andrew732 View Post
    It's hard but beta-alanine plus haladrol with deca, and no xplode with proper pct could maybe do the job

  11. Quote Originally Posted by andrew732 View Post
    It's hard but beta-alanine plus haladrol with deca, and no xplode with proper pct could maybe do the job
    Yeah that'll do the job alright. If the "job" is fukkin the kid up. Bad idea.

  12. haha my nig. i directed him to this forum from all the good help i got when i posted in the training thread a while ago. ive been doin GVT and am on my 4th week now. have seen really noticeable gains and i tried refer my friend (rickythepikey) to try this routine, but still cant get him to bite. keep at it rick, just dont be lazy, and keep your f***ing form! you cant keep it for sh!t.

  13. if that wasn't a call for rugger, i dunno what is....

    course if you're gaining like mad and he's stuck in a rut, maybe he'll listen to you.... give him a year of sticking at 130 lbs and he'll come around.

  14. Quote Originally Posted by THEGEEZ View Post
    what i would do is EAT EVERYTHING IN SITE !

  15. Quote Originally Posted by drummaboyzl View Post

  16. i need 15 pounds of muscle
    you and everyone else here!

  17. I think everyone here needs 15 lbs of muscle, now that I think about it LOL

  18. training hard + compound lifts :squat: :dl: + proper form+ surplus calories+clean food :donut::burg: +adequate rest= muscle growth :bb3: :bb:

  19. need? no....like? yes

    at the same time i would be scared of fcktard with 15 more lbs of lbm

  20. i would cut back on the cardio, lol deca with prohormones. if you can get the good stuff use it

  21. <-- demands a pic and current training log.

  22. who you talking too suncloud ?

  23. Quote Originally Posted by AUTO View Post
    who you talking too suncloud ?
    ricky. really wondering how he looks at 130, and what his routine consists of. i'm wondering if my guess (not doing deads or squats - or any leg workouts) is right or not.

  24. first of all thanks for the tips i relly needed them but my trainer want be to start sparing at 135 but iam still gonna try out the workout routine that drummaboyz put up and i just started to work out my lower body more. thanks again for the advise


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