Stuffing Down But Not Hungry!

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  1. Quote Originally Posted by matt352 View Post
    i personally like ON's Serious Mass
    it is pretty pricey for the servings available...but since i dont supp with anything except a multivitamin and the gainer...its not that big of a deal.

    Heres a link to another article on how to pick the right gainer:
    You shouldnt have a problem picking one after checking that out. Also if money is an issue...just google for weight gainer recipes and you will get a lot of peoples homemade gainers.

    IMO, a gainer is basically a must...especially for hard gainers like myself. Start picking them out and trying them. Odds are you wont find the perfect one for you right i said, i tried a ton of them. But yea....def find one and use it.

    ight thx

  2. Quote Originally Posted by lennoxchi View Post
    ON's serious mass.......good stuff,, not bad tasting, and most gainers are cheap too. well cheap compared to whey protein . ballin, this might have been covered, but how long have you been at this gaining phase? not how long have you been thinking about it, talking about it......actually putting the "fork to the face." i'm just curious, because if it has not been a while, then you might be setting unrealistic goals for what you might think your body is capable of accomplishing. i don't know....and i'm sure as S*** not trying to draw any conclusions here....but i'm guessing not long (like maybe 6 months or so). i forgot to ask, how many calories a day do you take in?
    no I have not been going for 6 months its been about 2-2 1/2 without ANY weight changes. I've been at 155 forever its starting to scare me. I'll have to get back to you on the calorie intake im not keeping track i just eat when i can and im full all day.

  3. "I just eat when i can and i'm full all day"

    Heres the problem, your body gets used to your dietary habits. If you feel full all day and your not eating particularly much then theres a good chance that

    a: you have a small stomach, caused by not eating alot. To you the thought of getting in 3000 or so calories in a day is absurd, you couldn't possibly eat that much. You can, you've just got to eat that extra mouth full in each time. Just like like you push out that 1 extra rep on the weights.

    b: Your metabolism has slowed down to a crawl. If your body doesn't know where its next meal is, if your just feeding it as-and-when, and it could be 2 hours or 6 hours between decent meals, then it'll aire on the side of caution, expect the worst and slow your metabolism down.

    Perhaps if you dont feel you can eat the required amount of calories right now, then just focus on eating well and often. Once you've got your metabolism sped up, then the calories should go down much easier.

  4. I can completely sympathise with you mate, I'm 29 and I've struggled to gain any weight my whole life. When I finished school I think I was around 63kg or so, slowly over the years I've put on weight to where I am now which is around 74kg.(Sorry it's not in pounds guys, I'm in Australia and we work in kg) Everyone told me that as I get older my metabolism would slow and I would gain weight easier, I've not really found this to be true. The times I have put on weight has been when I've been serious about hitting the gym and made sure I eat well. I would still consider myself to be quite slim and I'm just about to venture into another attempt to put on weight. Reading around the forums and seeing a few real life transformations has definately inspired me to reach out again to achieve my goal of 80kg. I wouldn't like to go much beyond that or I'll be too heavy for my surfboard.

  5. I just recently started gaining and liquid meals have been a big help. I'm not talking about weight gainers full of maltodextrin. Eggs,oatmeal,fruit,peanut butter,whole milk,protein powder, and whatever else you have rolling around. I can toss 2 eggs,some egg whites,a cup of oatmeal,olive oil,a banana, and some whey in the blender. I would NEVER be able to eat all that food solid.

  6. you might want to change up your training program. post up EXACTLY what your routine is:
    Wednesday- etc...

    if you lift weights for 1 hour 4x a week, you don't have to do cardio because lifting can clear your mind just as well.

    Weight gainers will help you get calories, but if you're not lifting proper, you won't gain either. Weight gain is a matter of breaking down muscle and allowing for proper recovery time (ie don't work out the same muscles every day), proper nutrition, adequate rest/sleep

    weight gainer - whole milk, whey protein powder, oats, peanut butter (500 calories at least right there.)

  7. wow running cardio and trying to gain weight Run Fat Man Run!! hahah

  8. Quote Originally Posted by bandit619 View Post
    wow running cardio and trying to gain weight Run Fat Man Run!! hahah
    He's just looking for some help and trying to learn, like you by the looks of your skin and bones.sort of. thread. neg
    “We are what we repeatedly do. Therefore, excellence is not an act, but a habit.”

  9. Quote Originally Posted by Chub View Post
    He's just looking for some help and trying to learn, like you by the looks of your skin and bones.sort of. thread. neg

  10. Quote Originally Posted by Chub View Post
    He's just looking for some help and trying to learn, like you by the looks of your skin and bones.sort of. thread. neg
    It was a joke not a negative comment, even you should know better. its the same thing just visa versa



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