From 189-152, I Need a Good Bulk Program please

  1. From 189-152, I Need a Good Bulk Program please

    i am 5'9-5'10, 19 years old and 153 pounds. I got up to 189 lbs but within the past 6-8 monthes ive lost all i gained and i am down almost 40 lbs. Any suggestions on what program to start and please provide a link or detail on how to learn more about the program and how to follow it. Thanks

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  3. eek. lost 40 pounds in 6 months? did you undergo surgery or start smoking?

  4. no man, idk what happened, i havent been eatin as much but still idk why ive lost SO much :\ i went to the doctor and everything seems to be fine, but i really want to get to 180 atleast , i feel like small now

  5. no clue as to why? visiting a foreign country (virus, uncooked food - worms, etc)?

    if you honestly don't know, and the doctors can't figure it out, i'd stick to the basics. eat something small all the time - every hour if possible. do compound movements in the gym - especially squats, deadlifts and bench.

    though if you lost it that fast - 6 pounds per month, i'm guessing that something is going on here that is affecting your health. think again, as to where you were 6-8 months ago, and what happened that would cause this drastic of a change. stress could do that, but you'd have to be under a lot of it to loose that much weight.

  6. havent left the country, i got sick for a little while and sometimes i feel sick when im eating breakfast so i dont eat much in the morning, thats the only change really. Also, i have been under a bit of stress and i was on acutane which may have caused some weight loss during the period i was on it? I guess i will just have to start eating more and do more squats, deads and bench presses?

  7. its just a downer losing so much because all i hear is "youve slimed down alot" lol i want to get it back as quick as possible

  8. okay. acutane is an acne medication, so thats not whats doing it. stress can definitely do this, but usually not at the rate you've lost the weight. here's my thoughts:

    eat something really small for breakfast - one egg, one glass of milk. once your body digests it, eat a real breakfast with two more eggs and some other things. snack on something every hour, like peanut butter or string cheese. eat three other meals. if you can afford it, get casein protein for bedtime. when you go to the gym, take a pre and post workout shake with carbs and protein. focus on compound lifts - the three i mentioned are the most important exercises. drink lots of water. you can read a more in depth look of this at:

    Gaining mass in a nutshell (a big nutshell)


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