Should I Bulk or Cut?

  1. Should I Bulk or Cut?

    Ok fellas, I've been thinking about this for a while. Two years ago i was 155, now i'm about 175 at 5' 9". I've gained muscle, and that's obvious when I look in the mirror, but i've also gained a fair amount of bodyfat. I don't know the exact measurments but i'd guess i'm between 15 & 20 % b/f. I can't see my abs, but when i flex them i notice a subtle change in the appearance of my belly. So i'm wondering weather or not i should continue to bulk through this first semister of college, or if i should cut down to about 160ish, then resume the bulk...please help guys, this is depressing the **** out of me and i dunno what to do.

  2. I vote cut. If it's depressing the **** out of you on not knowing what to do I would imagine putting additional fat on through the bulk wouldn't help. If you cut to a point where your abs are visible you can use that to gauge whether or not you're putting on additional fat and if you should adjust your caloric intake.

  3. if you're unhappy with the way you look, then cut - at least you'll feel better, which will keep you motivated in and out of the gym. do what motivates you. do what makes you feel good. above all, do what your body tells you to do. if you're depressed, fix it - you can't really give the gym 100% if you feel like crap about yourself, and you won't have the intensity it takes. bottom line, you'll spin your wheels at the gym, and then decide to cut anyways - or walk away and loose all your gains.

    there's also a consistent trend here. the more body fat you have, the less testosterone your body puts out. the more belly fat you have, the less growth hormone your body puts out. i think that when both of those increase, you'll feel much better about yourself.

  4. Good point DSMPOWER, I've been wanting to cut for a while but guys at my gym have been pushing for me to bulk up to 185 or so then cut. But hell I hate this crap. So next question: I've never leaned up before so i dunno exactly what to do. I know the basics like cutting cals by 200-300 below maintenance and to do cardio for half an hour or so 2-3 times a week. But any info on how to cut would be appreciated.


  5. Ooops...i guess i could just go to the weight loss forum lol. My B

  6. During a cut I generally eat about maintenance calories on days where I lift and do 1/2 hour cardio (since you will be expending alot of calories). On off days from lifting I eat 500 calories under maintenance. As far as foods go, I stick to the basic complex carbs (oatmeal, brown rice, sweet potato, wheat bread), good protein sources (lean meat, tuna, nuts) and healthy fat sources (natural pb, nuts, evoo). One supplement I really love for bulking or cutting is Sesamin, and the liquid form is like 17bucks at NP. Good luck

  7. or you can do total body workouts 3x a week, and just restrict your carbs. dey'll leave you breathless. its probably a harder way to cut, but you'll still be gaining muscle in the process rather than loosing a little bit. your choice though. cardio is the accepted method.

  8. I've been asking myself this question a lot lately too. If its really getting you down and you don't like the way you look at the moment then i'd say cut.

    Myself i'm just gonna pack on the baggy clothes and start bulking as its almost winter
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