What get's you psyched?

  1. What get's you psyched?

    Now, I know determination, motivation, maybe even envy help to fuel your perserverence to continue to grow and workout. The question I have is on those days when you really don't want to hit the weights, what's the one true thing that moves you to do so? Not even moves you, but gets you so pumped you would go to the gym at 3am if you could. The one thing that makes you put everything else aside to go workout. I remember as a kid, after I watched the Rocky movies, I was just praying for someone to start a fight with me. Something like that.

  2. I read workout articles.

    Articles from animalpack.com, bb.com and just about anywhere. Reading articles about working out just gets me going. Get's me mentally prepaired for what I want to do in the gym.

    That's what works for me.

  3. [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dF8F84kxksc"]YouTube - Bodybuilding - A lifestyle[/ame]

  4. i just youtube some weightlifting videos and it motivates me.

  5. 3/4 RPM and some RATM in my headphones on the way to the gym usually does it for me
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  6. use to it was listening to drowning pool "bodies" but after hearing that sooo many times in iraq i hate it

  7. 4 RPM - Loud Tool Music - Video's from Westside Barbell - Ammonia. In that exact order for the best results.
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  8. def some kind of stim, wait 30 mins while listening to some loud @ss lamb of god....hit the gym and listen to some more lamb of god


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