1. timing

    im curious about the timing of my nutrition intake. i work all day and eat throughout the day, but i cant make it to the gym till 9. heres me basic daily breakdown

    8 am breakfast
    3 eggs
    1 orange

    protein shake

    12 pm
    8 oz chicken
    brown rice
    green beans

    protein shake

    6pm dinner
    steak or chicken
    potatoes or veggies

    cottage cheese


    post workout
    protein shake

    would the timing of my diet and training later in the day affect me gains in mass?

  2. timing looks spectacular, though i would add a pre workout shake with your cottage cheese. other than that, it looks golden. impressive you can get that timing down.

  3. ya it really is. it gets difficult for me sometimes, especially during school
    but ya bro that looks great, you should be proud lol

  4. thanks guys. just wanna make sure all that eating and lifting later isnt going to no avail. i'll def throw in a pre w/o shake. thanks for the props, its hard. but im dedicated like none other

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