My first day Bulking FitDay

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    My first day Bulking FitDay

    I was shooting for 3500 Cals, came up 500 short. Started HaVoc today at 20 Mgs. All opinions welcomed.

    Sorry can't Post link, but there it is.

  2. I'd say you'd need more whole foods in you diet and try not to rely on shakes to much. chicken breasts,steak. Some fish in there aswell. more fruit and veg too

    Also, welcome to Anabolicminds
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  3. I try and shoot for 2lbs/day of meat now. Usually 1lb chicken, 8oz ground beef and 8oz tilapia. Keeps the day a little different and gives me 200gr of protein. Makes it a lot easier that way. Now I only need about 100 more grams of protein from eggs, cottage cheese, or shakes to get my daily goal. Usually I'll hit 350-400 this way. It's nice
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    good info...

    anyone else?

  5. Varies on a lot. What type of training are you implementing? How much do you weigh?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Royd The Noyd View Post
    Varies on a lot. What type of training are you implementing? How much do you weigh?
    its all posted on the link..

  7. Okay, I have a couple easy things you could follow but first how much do you want to weigh?

    Lets assume you want to get to 200lbs. The first thing you should shoot for is your protein requirements. You want to get anywhere from 1.5 all the way up to 2.0g's/lb of bodyweight. But you should eat like a 200lber. Meaning you need 300 to 400g's of protein per day.

    According to the screenshot you were almost there regarding your protein requirements. What type of macro split are you trying to follow? This is something you should have some idea of what you react best to. Some guys are carb sensitive, some guys are not.

    Once you know your split adjust accordingly (looks like you need more carbs). Palumbo has people follow an offseason macro split of 50/25/25 (P/C/F).

    To get more calories in I would add in a 40-50gram whey protein shake around 2:30 each day. Add some ENOVA ( oil to the shake mix and drink (1 or 2 tbsp's). This will give you almost an extra 500 calories (which your currently short by your calculations).

    And at your size dont be afraid to EAT!


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