Diet question

  1. Diet question

    I am currently on a HAVOC CYCLO TREN CYCLE.. I am 178 pounds 6 feet tall. Trying to put on some lean mass. How does my diet look?

    5:30 am - Pre workout shake - 2 scoops Muscle Milk, 1 tbs PB. 1 cup of Oats, 1 cup Egg whites, i scope of Cycle Support

    7:30 am - Post work out shake - 2 scoops Muscle Milk

    10:00 am - i cup low fat cottage cheese

    12:00 pm - turkey sandwich on wheat with low fat mayo and 1 slice American Cheese

    2:00 pm - turkey sandwich on wheat with low fat mayo and 1 slice American Cheese

    4:00 pm - 2.5 servings of tuna in water (1 pouch) with 1 tbs of light mayo

    6:00 pm - Dinner - steak or chicken with veg (sometimes sweet potato)

    8:30 pm - 1 scope muscle milk

    What do you guys think??????

  2. not bad as far as food went. on tren though it might not be enough - play it by ear. i remember when i did my tren cycle, (my cheat meal is lunch), i went to in-n-out, and got two double cheeseburgers (its quality fast food, if such can be said), then 45 minutes later i ran to subway for a 6 inch sub. normally, i would say your meals look really good, just don't be surprised if tren really kicks your diet up. never done havoc, so i've never stacked the two. expect to eat more would be my guess.

    also, my workout partner, who was on tren at the same time, ordered 3 triple cheeseburgers (3x 3 by 3's), though he didn't opt for the sub later.

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