vanillean wtf? (in a good way)

  1. vanillean wtf? (in a good way)

    Getting leaner yet maintaining scale weight while in a deficit. how is this possible?
    Not that i am complaing

  2. A true recomp!
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  3. Stuff is seriously legit bro
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  4. Decreased subcutaneous fluid, increased nutrient mobilization and muscle nutrient uptake.
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  5. Re: vanillean wtf? (in a good way)

    Cant beat that with a stick if you tried!
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  6. Same here. I down 3 lbs yet my bench is still what it had been when I was taking (1-T) - about 2 weeks after the 4 week cycle at the moment. Very good sign, will see if it continues onto larger data sample.
  7. vanillean wtf? (in a good way)

    What's the dosing protocol being used? Are you stacking it with anything else?

  8. 2caps vanillean 3x, 2 og dcp 3x, E+lipotropin am 2x

  9. Wow, that's quite a stack!
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  10. vanillean wtf? (in a good way)

    I figured OG DCP would fit nicely with Vanillean. Can't wait to see how DCP 2.0 stacks with Vanillean.

  11. Vanillean is one of those hidden gems!

  12. Some quick cliff notes from a 1 month run:

    -Vanillean - 3x/day for 1 month (27 days to be specific - gave end of bottle / 3 caps for friend to try)
    -PP Sustain Alpha liqui 5 day on 2 day off - ~1 month

    -Run intermittent fasting 2x - 24 hour periods a week - meshes into non training time

    (Height: 5'10.5")
    -Start:198 @ 14.5% End 196 @ 13% *BF from Tanita scale same day of week same time - about the best instrument I can easily get a hold of* - (maybe next time I'll do pics too, never have for a supp before though)
    -Maintained reps/weights on heavier sets
    -Noticed my forehead sweats like no other

    -Gym buddy asked what Im doing / if taking anything, noticed shoulder showing striation better, let him know
    -Showed roommate progress, let him do 3 caps to try a day, he noticed 'dat feel' and ordered himself
    -ART Spec. / Chiro looked at shoulders and mid section and said he likes what hes seeing

    So at the performance + price/bottle I say good deal.

    Going relatively "mild/light" cycle at the moment - IMHO at least - (4 weeks of PP AH 1/2 dose 3 cap + PP AD 5 cap).
    I plan on hitting another Vanillean afterwards - along with everything else after the PP stuff too.

  13. Thanks for the update Northcuts

  14. Good feedback NC - thanks!
    Bulk Performance Solutions
    --No Proprietary Blends, All Performance--

    ***NOW @ NP***


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