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    Was looking at a libido/test booster and am considering going with Endosurge + Erase.

    Is this comparable to Activate Xtreme + Triazole?

    Is the ideal duration for this stack about 6 weeks?

  2. Its a very effective stack, 4-6 weeks would be ideal in my mind then take a break and do it all over again

  3. Erase is solid as it gets and Endosurge is a staple for me. Libido def likes endo as well as my wife!

  4. Any problem with going for 6 weeks or better to keep it at 4 weeks?

    Is Endosurge at all weight dependent? Is the recommended dosage apply to everyone, even if you are around 205lbs?

    Quote Originally Posted by BulkPerf View Post
    Its a very effective stack, 4-6 weeks would be ideal in my mind then take a break and do it all over again

  5. I don't see a problem with going 6 weeks on Erase, and no weight dep of my knowledge for Endosurge. I took it at 240 and love the stuff.

  6. Should Endosurge be avoided by someone on cymbalta, an antidepressant?

    As for dosing, Endosurge at 2 caps with breakfast, 2 caps with lunch, and 2 caps with dinner? Erase at 2 caps per day, 1 cap with breakfast and 1 cap with dinner?

  7. I cannot find any drug interactions with Cymbalta, but we for legal reasons, can't advise you on your medications.
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  8. Just coming up on 4 weeks and it's going well. Been dosing 6caps per day of Endosurge and 2 caps of Erase. What effect would there be of increasing Erase to 3 caps?

  9. Hard to say as everyone is different, it may improve gains just like it may cause sides
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