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  1. Endosurge Capsules

    I ordered two bottles of Endosurge and I'm in my first week of an 8 week cycle. When I opened the first bottle I noticed white powder inside. I figured a capsule or two may have broke opened and thought no big deal since I have had that happen on other products. However I did notice that most of the capsules I have taken are not filled equally. some capsules even feel empty. I pinch them to gauge thickness of contents and some I can pinch completly as if no product is inside. So after examing the first bottle I decided to open the second and it's the same thing. More white power inside and the capsules are not equally filled. Has anyone else experienced this or did I just get a bad batch probably direct from manufacturing? I don't think Nutraplanet accepts returns on open products and I don't want my $$ to go to waste. So again, has anyone noticed this problem with thier Endosruge before?

  2. Did you weigh them individually? I don't think pinching is an accurate method. Endo is great by the way. My bottles always have white powder inside also but I don't care. Hope you find what your lookin for.

  3. It happened to mine too....they feel empty and there is powder all inside the bottle outside of the pills.

  4. I don't weigh them, but when I have pills that barely give (you can feel powder inside)when I squeeze and some that practically collapse (empty) i know they are not equally filled. It's not just 4-5 pills its about half the bottle. It's the same for both bottles that I have. Stinks that some capsules might not have the right dose of product in them. But if it's common and people see great results then maybe its how they are suppose to be...

  5. According to my 0.01gx1000 scale this is a random sampling of 4 pills.

    Pill #1: 0.686 g
    Pill #2: 0.632 g
    Pill #3: 0.648 g
    Pill #4: 0.610 g

  6. The ingredients dehydrate over time which explains the difference in weights many times. I suggest if you have any real concerns to PM bulk performance.
    If my direct and cynical approach bothers you, just ignore it. I'm just saying what you need to hear ;).

  7. Damnit hope mine don't come like this.

  8. Just pm a rep they will take care of this
    doing my own thang!

  9. Quote Originally Posted by AlexErdellan View Post
    Damnit hope mine don't come like this.
    I have never had an issue with EndoSurge. I have done it at 4, 6 and 9 per day, every dose was potent and never did I think it was under-dosed. People on here did this with P-Slin from USP Labs, same story. The longer something sits with the desacit (sp?) pack, the more dehydrated it gets, ergo the weight will drop from the original fill weight. It is what it is, would you prefer mold? The actives still work as advertised.
    If my direct and cynical approach bothers you, just ignore it. I'm just saying what you need to hear ;).


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