Official Jay Cutler message to TEAM CUTLER World Wide: -Team Cutler President & Mngr

  1. Talking Official Jay Cutler message to TEAM CUTLER World Wide: -Team Cutler President & Mngr


    On behalf of Jay Cutler, I'd like to relay an important message from the champ himself:

    "I just want to make sure every fan out there who has ever offered a word of hope and encouragement over the years before I was at the top, and through it all, that I am endlessly thankful for their presence in my career and ongoing efforts and accomplishing greatness. This year posed countless travails and challenges, but the end result was absolutely worth it and I feel vindicated. After the smoke settles from this weekend and I slowly start to get back to life as normal, I want to make sure no one misses out on my latest and greatest DVD production. It is the first and long awaited full length DVD in years from me, and I think the wait was worth it and justified. It is seven hours of NEVER before seen or filmed aspects of my life as a World Champion - I truly broke out of the mold to create a new DVD experience unlike any other. I am offering a special on the DVD, THAT JUST WENT ON SELL YESTERDAY ON XXX to all of TEAM CUTLER and all of my MYSPACE friends and BLOG Subscribers - FREE SHIPPING ANYWHERE IN THE USA! I have never done this before, but I felt it is long overdue and a way I can thank the countless fan around the World for what they do. If it wasn't for them, this DVD and my entire career would have never existed, so please let them all know about this Aaron. MAKE SURE THEY MENTION IN THE 'SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS' on my on line order form, that they are from MYSPACE, that is the code word. Wish me luck as I prepare for a THREE PEAT in 2008!" -Jay Cutler, Double Mr. Olympia (October 2nd, 2007)

    So, PLEASE VISIT and check out this BRAND NEW World Premier Jay Cutler DVD, entitled: FROM JAY TO Z! Fully featured and UNLIKE ANYTHING else ever produced over Jay's entire illustrious career. PLEASE CONTINUE TO SUPPORT JAY'S ATTEMPTS AT RETAINING HIS TITLE, BY PURCHASING HIS NEW DVD AND MENTIONING the code word 'MYSPACE' in the special instructions on his website order form!

    Much more to come Team Cutler - BELIEVE ME, VERY BIG AND UNPRECEDENTED THINGS ARE ALREADY UNDERWAY! Jay never rests, and it's all for you, the FANS! (MAKE SURE to subscribe to the official JAY CUTLER MYSPACE BLOG, listed below in my signature - as featured on the World Wide bodybuilding radio show with Dan Solomon & Bob C, PRO BODYBUILDING WEEKLY!)

    Sincere Regards & Respect;
    -Aaron Ray Smith: CESO/CPT -Joshua 1:9-
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  2. Cool an all, but he placed a little high, don't ya think?

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