question about competitions

  1. question about competitions

    I'm about 5'9". currenly 170'ish 7% BF (22 years old)

    I'm very interested in doing a contest, I'm pretty proportional and I have pretty good shape, tho my legs/calves and bi's need work...

    I'm wondering what would be an idea weight/BF to go in at, and maybe some other rough measuremeans (ie. 16" bis)

    obviously these would be amature events/competitors.

  2. IMO, it's all about how you look, not how much you technically weigh. Bodybuilding competition is a game of illusions; it's not how much you weigh, it's how much you look like you weigh on stage.

    As a side note, I competed at 160 at 5'9", but I never once measured my bodyfat.

  3. pictures will help us help you

    If you can send a couple pictures on the site and there are plenty of us that can help us.

  4. ^^ agreed. And its not about what weight you come in at. Its about being well proportioned and conditioned. Pictures will help assess the areas that need work. But honestly, if you want to compete you should do it.

  5. "I have seen people who are 220 lbs look like 180 lbs because of atrocious posing. Likewise, I have seen people weighing 180 lbs look like 220 lbs onstage because they were able to present their physique in a manner that showcased their strengths, while hiding any weaknesses they had."



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