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10 weeks out, enough time?

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    10 weeks out, enough time?

    I am 178lbs, about 12% bf and I am wondering if I have enough time to get lean enough to compete, I have a problem with loose lower stomach skin so that is a concern, I want to be about 150 cut. What should I do to get lean, and get my lower abs big enough to maybe keep that area tight? A meal plan would be great, I have no idea how many carbs I should eat, how much protein to eat, etc...last time I cut I was eating tuna at least twice a day, and not sure if that is too healthy (ie. mercury levels in fish). Help would be great guys!

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    My 2 cents say it's a rush to lose 28 lbs in 10 weeks and not lose muscle. The problem I've always found is losing that last 5 or so can take longer than desired.

    I 2 will wait to see what the others have to say.
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    Spend all your time in the nutrition section, post up a sample diet and let us critique it. Complex carbs, lean protein, and EFA's are all your friends.

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    My advice would be to go to fitday.com and start logging your meals. Your totals should be around this ratio 50:30:20...protein:carbs:fats. See if your current diet fits this and if not, I or anyone could give you some pointers to help out...and like the guy above said to post your diet.

    Then maybe once you get that together, you can definitely focus on your weight training and then preparing for a later show.

    How bout some starting pictures for us to see. It would make it easier to see where you're coming from.

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