Jr Nationals 2006 !!!

  1. Lightbulb Jr Nationals 2006 !!!


    June 16-17th
    Chicago (Rosemont), IL
    I am wondering if any Board Sponsers, and or AM members will be attending??? I know I will be, and its a definite way to see the great talent in the Midwest as well as from all over the country!!! Last year is when I got a chance to meet Scivation, and since then I have been a Scivation fan!!! Xtend to the masses!!!

    For all the Midwest people, this would be a great way to meet up, see who's who, and get lovely supps at discount prices, in additon to tons of giveaways !!! Trust me for the money you will not be dissapointed!!!
    ose: :bb2:
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  2. BUMP anybody???

  3. AP, I think Powerlifter's(?) friend is competing. I think his name is Bryce Holmes, there are a few threads with his pics in them.

  4. looks like a good way to spend a weekend in Chitown Tell FnF to find a babysitter for our puppies

  5. Yeah I know Mull, he just got signed to DS as a sponsered athlete. As for Fnf I will try my best to convince her to find a babysitter your pups...

  6. powerlifter6920
    powerlifter6920's Avatar

    I'll be attending, and look forward to meeting you!

  7. Same here... NO one else, so far we know Bryce will be there he is kinda competing... Beast will be there, and Powerlifter??? No one else???

  8. FnF and I are discussiing it, looks like Saturday would be the day to go for us. I'll check on flights, maybe stay over Saturday night and come home Sunday. Will let you know for sure. We have our youngest graduating this weekend, so it's going to be hectic around here.

  9. It sucks I can't go a good friend of mine is competing there.

    Welcome To MaggieFit.com! Championships

    check her out, I think she is going to do just fine. She is going to Team U after this.

  10. Wow she is rock hard, and I will root her on for you bro!!!
    I will be there with some of my buds, hopefully I can coax Nick Dubya to come with me too.

  11. I just came from talking to her, man does she look great. Definitly cheer her on man. Hey if you can get me some pics and email them to me. Later

  12. Def i will!!!

  13. sweet, thanks man
  14. powerlifter6920
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    Quote Originally Posted by Apowerz6
    Wow she is rock hard, and I will root her on for you bro!!!
    I will be there with some of my buds, hopefully I can coax Nick Dubya to come with me too.

    Is Nick Dubya the powerlifter that works for DS?

  15. Yep thats him...
  16. powerlifter6920
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    Cool, I hope I can meet him.

  17. I will be there cheering for a friend in welterweight

  18. so did anyone go, My friend got 2nd in her class

  19. yes i went my friend took 3rd welterweight

  20. I am just wondering, how do you guys go about introducing yourselves. It is going to be something like, "Hi I am (insert screen name here), from Anabolic Minds."

  21. Never really thought about it, I probably would have made arrangements prior to meet


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